New margin requirements for Forex

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  1. Wow did they jack these things up. What the fuck gives? Pardon me, but i'm a little pissed off right now

    Is this affecting anyone else?
  2. When did who jack them up to what?

    No change in ECN land as far as what I see.
  3. NFA insituted a regulation that caps forex margin at 100-1 for majors and 25-1 for exotics that starts in nov 30th. Some brokers are implementing it early
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    Isn't that doing people a favor?
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    Outrageous! How do they expect people to make money with only 100 to 1 margin!?

  6. It's the concept.

    Some ass-clown crashes the mortgage market (and over-leverages himself), sends the market into the shitter and now they think this is gonna change it.

    Here's an idea, instead of limiting leverage let's focus on what the REAL problem was.....shitty mortgages and illiquid derivatives.

    Now I suffer.

    Just felt like bitchin because now I have to cut back on all the drugs and hookers i'm buying just to put up a little more margin in my forex acct.

  7. LOL

    I never trade above 6:1's called "risk control" you should try it.

    100:1....oh well you'll be out of the game in a few weeks.
  8. It's called "compounding gains", you should try it.

    'LOL'? I think you'll find the joke's on you! :D
  9. Yeah, but I only use 50:1 at max.
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    You can still go overseas if you need this kind of leverage. The new NFA margin regs should not affect non-NFA brokers. I am sure you can still find a few 400:1 Cyprus if you still needed that leverage and from what I understand, a lot of EA systems rely on that excess leverage for their systems.
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