New Low for Politics: Pick a running mate under investigation?!

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  1. Would any honorable man or woman who supports and votes Republican give me an honest contrary view as to how this choice does not represent a NEW LOW in politics. IF Biden was under active investigation I would be here posting the same thing rather than claiming "oh well she really didn't DO IT or it's all trumped up charges or its politically motivated"! Where there's smoke there is often fire! AND even IF she didn't do IT she did enough to have many in AK hire a special investigator. So we all know she did something wrong. Its the same old same old. Power corrupts. She is no different. But I wish she was.

    Do we give her a pass due to gender. Is a woman not capable of messing up and abusing power?!

    So are there any responsible, honorable republicans left who have the guts to agree with my basic premise OR if not can cite us independents ONE other instance when a national candidate picked a running mate under ACTIVE investigation by a special prosecutor?! ?!

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    This and other acts should bring McCain's judgment into serious question for all serious voters.

    Remember when he offered up Cindy as a contestant at a biker-rally beauty pageant? Did he really think it was going to be anything like the Miss America pageant ... at a freakin' biker rally??

    Regardless of experience, this man's mind is all but gone. Nobody who loves America would want him in charge.
  3. Total contempt for the Americans who own one house!

    He doesn't give a rat's ass about a special prosecutor! Even if she's innocent... any honorable man would have not selected her out of respect for his fellow Americans and to set an example. What a loser McCain turned out to be when he got desperate and had his chance to win the Presidency. Puts himself over the good of this Country....!
  4. I don't think you understand, Palin is good for Alaska, and after all, that's what matters...

    The reporter, Kyle Hopkins, asked, according to the transcript posted today, "Are you ready to be President Palin if necessary?"

    "I am ... I am up to the task, of course, of focusing on the challenges that face America," she answered, and that was all she could say on her behalf on this question. Then she abruptly shifted to how her candidacy would help Alaska. "And I am very pleased with the situation that I am in, when, when you consider the situation now that Alaska will be in.

    "And that is Alaska, and Alaskans will be allowed to contribute more to our great country and they'll be allowed to do that because I -- if we're elected -- will be in a position of opening the eyes of the country to what it is that Alaska is all about and what Alaska has to offer. So, I am happy to and very honored to be asked to do this. I know it's going to be great for Alaska."

  5. Probably at one time or another every member of Congress is or has been sued, investigated or subject to some form of litigation. No biggie. Being sued and/or under investigation is patriotic and American as apple pie. You earn two gold stars with a Special Prosecutor.
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    The more she opens her ignorant piehole, the lower McCain's chances go. :D
  7. Evidently I'm the only guy in the thread that doesn't "know she did something wrong". She says she did nothing wrong. Evidently McCain believes she did nothing. And it's at least possible that he knows something about the situation that you don't....what do you think? LOL.

    Here's a link by the way to a pretty good description of the situation at this time:

    I'd say we all wait for more information from the investigators. Right now, just off the top of my head, I'd say as the Governor she's completely within her rights to fire the Public Safety Commissioner. But until we know that for a fact, why don't you act a little more like the "independent" you claim to be, instead of a guy who already "knows she did something wrong"?

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    You're right, I don't know she did something wrong. What I do know is that McCain had other viable choices, none of them under investigation, and he decided to go with Lady Question Mark. If that's his idea of sound judgment, I'd take Obama for President even if he was still in the Illinois State Senate.
  9. Maybe YOU think he had other viable choices...but at least some of those choices weren't so viable. I'm thinking of Lieberman for instance, or Romney, either of which would have really insulted the Republican base.

    As it was, notwithstanding your analysis of this choice, the base is thrilled with this choice. And, she appears to at least have a chance to bring in some new votes that McCain might not have gotten.

    Meanwhile, everyday for the rest of this campaigne, Democrats are going to bring up her lack of experience, which simply opens the door to yet one more conversation about how Obama has less experienc than she does. LOL

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    You're right - there was no "question mark" with regards to Joe Biden since he readily admitted to plagiarism.
    And I guess we can't question Obama's judgement either for his 20 year association with the Rev. Jeremiah "God Damn America" Wright either. And let's not even go to the Tony Rezko connection...
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