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    Becky Quick just spelled the word P-I-S-S out on CNBC referring to Heineken Beer!

    Perhaps a sublimal message here?

    el surdo
  2. S2007S


    pathetic fools.
  3. LMAO. That's the kind of stuff that will make a guy switch from Bloomberg to CNBC. Pure entertainment. All they need to do is ducktape that Bartieomo girl and have her booty shake for the camera and then enjoy some hot passionate titty rubbing with Liz Clamon. Best selling softcore of all time!!!
  4. throw in "The Bank Skank" too for extra pleasure and better jerk session. Hell yeah
  5. Surdo


    Now we are talkin' my kinda financial channel!
  6. i've got some pictures of bartiromo, her trick is to wear dresses that push her boobs up and together - when let fly alone, they're smallish and have the whole eggs hanging on a nail effect. because of her "voluptuous" (read: rubenesque) --- body style, they don't "complement" her butt very well. As a matter of fact, she's an over the hill wench with smallish sagging tits and a big cellulite butt.
  7. Is her true calling is to become a high class hooker?

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    I saw Maria Butt Aroma @ The St Jude benefit and her nose looked like an eagle's beak and breathe could stop trading in PFE.
  9. What do you mean?
  10. All the broads on CNBC reflect the wisdom of this quote,

    "Women should be seen and not heard"

    Maria is Hot as far as I am concerned but her screaching is unbearable.

    Also she gets all excited and I bet wet between the legs when the market rallies.

    Way too many cackling hens on CNBC to have to stomach.
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