New Look and New Version 6.0 Beta 1 for MotiveWave Trading Platform

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    It was time to freshen things up! MotiveWave has a brand new logo that we've released at the same time as our Version 6 Beta 1!

    MotiveWave Version 6 Beta 1 introduces some great new features and enhancements:
    • Cloud Workspaces
    • Advanced DOM features
    • Continuous Contracts
    • Custom Columns
    • Watch List Flags & Filtering
    • Gauges
    • Support/Resistance Zone components
    • Profit/Loss Calculator
    • Auto Backup
    • Log File Trimming
    • Cross Line Component
    • Component Templates
    • Keyboard Shortcuts for Templates
    • Alert Colors
    See the MotiveWave Version 6 Beta 1 Product Demo Video or the MotiveWave What's New in Version 6 Beta 1 Guide
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