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  1. We've all heard about how Linux OS is supposed to be better in many ways to Windows, right? But it was less than user friendly.

    Now this Linspire OS supposedly changes things, because it's Linux based but it uses the traditional windows platform. and it runs most of the software, too.

    I'm getting a new computer soon, and I could sure do without all the security problems, popups, crashes, patches, etc.

    Anybody know about this?

  2. not familiar w/linspire...

    1st if its running on top of windows, it will inherit everything windows has to offer "security problems, popups, crashes, patches, etc"

    2nd thing... linux can be configure to become the most stable os available, but in the hands of amateurs it's very powerful hacker's tool once someone gets control of your box. way more powerful than windows. remember back in 2001, all these computers did a denial of service on cnn & yahoo & other sites....

    3rd linux apps has updates/patches all the time... way more often than windows. in the hands of amateurs, the patches will go unnoticed, and you will be worse off than using windows. (maybe linspire has update software, i dont know)
  3. Try Novell/Suse Pro 9.3: it's free.
    My present workhorse.
  4. OK, thanks guys-
  5. Forget linspire (ex-lindows). You can intall and run linux without any problem nowadays. SuSE 9.3 is really really good.
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    It's free for personal use or free for trial only?
  7. It's free. You can download the whole CD/DVD/FTP archive and use it as much as you want. Even unofficial BitTorrent are legal.

    The best place to download it :
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    thx a lot science trader:D
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    Linspire, costs 50 bucks, is just an ordinary Linux with windows-like interface. There are plenty of free linux distros that also has interface similiar to windows. With Linux, almost anything is free!
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