New Leverage Requirements 4/30...opinions, thoughts

Discussion in 'Trading' started by equitydaytrader, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. i personally blew my top when i got the news. these new rules are going to kill me. i use leverage for every trade. i like to use 1/3 of my trading power for each trade so that i have an opportunity to have 3 positions open at once.
    i havent been that lucky yet, but it's nice to have that option. i'v had 2 positions open but with these new requirements i'm going to either have to scale back my buys or live with only a possibility of having 2 positions open with 100% of my trading power used up.

    Your thoughts, opinions, rants, raves, or whatever
  2. promagma


  3. Become a futuresdaytrader instead. :cool:
  4. futures huh?

    i don't know a lot about trading futures. i'm going to have to practice.

    is futures trading similar to equity day trading??
  5. Yes, yes, yes and better. :cool:
  6. better you say? hmmm

    ok. i'm hooked.

    are you talking about options??

    can i trade futures with scottrade??
  7. ok so i'm downloading ninja trader. i'm going to practice after 12p. and see how it works.

  8. ive traded es-mini 500 and the gains are ALOT greater than equity.

    what are your thoughts on forex and commodities? what is your hierarchy in terms of returns?
  9. i trade only in equities. i don't like indexes; and commodities i feel are only for a long term strategy

    i have a lot to learn about futures. i understand thev concept, but i'v never traded futures; not sure how "that" market works.

    so far i understand that its riskier than equities thus the higher rate of return so idk
  10. What if you are trading these at a prop shop like Bright, Echotrade et al? Will people who have say 10:1 leverage be affected by these rules or is it just the same as always?
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