New Leap Rollout Process

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    New LEAP series expiring in January 2022, will be added for all qualifying issues for trading on Monday, September 16, 2019, regardless of the underlying’s expiration cycle.

    Previously, new LEAP series were added over a three month period (September, October, November), depending on the expiration cycle assigned to the class. A recent amendment to the Options Listing Procedure Plan approved adding all new LEAPs in September in an effort to reduce investor confusion.

    Participants are reminded that new LEAP series shall not be listed on equity option classes, options on ETFs, or options on TIRs in a new expiration year if the national average daily contract volume, excluding LEAP and FLEX series, for that options class during the preceding three calendar months is less than 1,000 contracts. The preceding volume threshold does not apply during the first six months an equity option class, option on an ETF, or option on a TIR is listed on any exchange.

    Questions regarding the listing of LEAPS may be directed to the NYSE Trading Operations Desk at 212-896-2830 option 1, 3.

    If you have any additional questions, please contact your Relationship Manager at
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    Nice that they do it now in 1 batch (instead of 3)............