New leaders?

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  1. Hi,

    WHEN we finally go into a new bull market ( WHEN) what do you think the new leading stocks will be?

    I was thinking FSYS but that has fallen so hard I am not sure it will recover.
  2. This list is from Investors Business Daily newspaper dated 20 October 2008:

    Emergent Biosolutions EBS Relative Strength 99 Group Rank 14
    American Public Education APEI Relative Strength 98 Group Rank 8
    Integral Systems ISYS Relative Strength 98 Group Rank 95
    Almost Family AFAM Relative Strength 99 Group Rank 3
    Buffalo Wild Wings BWLD Relative Strength 98 Group Rank 67
    Quality Systems OSII Relative Strength 97 Group Rank 6
    Syniverse Holdings SVR Relative Strength 96 Group Rank 122
    Cash America CSH Relative Strength 91 Group Rank 74
    Websense WBSN Relative Strength 93 Group Rank 52
    Healthspring HS Relative Strength 93 Group Rank 50

    Group Rank 1 is highest out of 197 industry groups.
    Investors Business Daily highest ranked industry groups as of 17 October 2008 are:
    1. medical
    2. business services
    3. retail
    4. consumer
    5. banks
  3. Arnie


    The sectors that have done best since about mid Sept are.....

    Regional banks (southeast, Mid-Atlantic)

    Worst are.....

    Auto Parts
    Metals (alum and silver)

    I think we may see a trend in banking back to what it used to be, so I think some of the stronger regional banks are good candidates to lead us out of this funk.
  4. Consumer Staples. The consumer is tapped out.

    No more Blackberries and Prada handbags.

    Credit cards are maxed out, cash purchases for necessities only.

    Food, toilet paper, soap, toothpaste, diapers, and booze.

    My favorites---------

  5. kxvid


    Hey thanks for the heads up on those stocks. I like UL and DEO especially, very interesting stocks I wasn't aware of until now.
  6. You're welcome.

    Some great dividends on those also---

    UL 4.30%

    DEO 5.30%
  7. can't agree more. started nibbling at them last week.
    beyond them though there are just too many emerging market index that have been destroyed for me to get too into stock picking here.
    i love china at this level.
  8. is there anyone to love and adore more than the ones already suggested? looking for new place to put my money in. socks have become boring for me :D
  9. this is an interesting topic guys. after the 2000 crash,it took over 3 years for new leaders to emerge. RIMM,AAPL,TASR, and then the commodities.
    we will get plenty of rallies and it will be the old guard,nothing new. we need to wait a while for the new one's to emerge.
  10. Mecro


    MON, ADM, SYT and the like.

    They OWN most of the food in the world

    ED, PCG, EXC, etc.

    The "wonderful" benefactors of utility deregulation.

    I also think metal miners are very cheap, always worth a shot.
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