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    I just bought a new Acer laptop, no sooner than I plug it in, it does 150 updates and it works herky jerky, momentary lockups. My other laptop was a Toshiba and motherboard cracked but I have a full backup. Can I take the Toshiba full backup and put it on the Acer? Thanks.
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    no because of the driver can never take a full backup from a different computer and load the whole thing on a new computer.
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    You should have bought another Toshiba. New computer shouldn't have that kind of problem tho, ask for a replacement.
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    Also, you probably went low-budget so the laptop is underpowered. You should get at least an i5 full voltage laptop with at least 4gigs if not more of RAM. HD should be at least 7200rpm or SSD. I think you can find these for roughly $800 these days and good build quality too.
  5. Good post koolaide. What's a good brand.
  6. Unfortunately No you cannot...that drive will have the wrong drivers and the wrong Windows key....You will have issues...I recommend reinstalling windows and then download the drivers from the Acer website..

    I got this FREE guide and found it was a great reference when looking for a trading computer
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    This is the first time I have ever had any problems with the 8 laptops I have bought in prior years. I have 8 gigs of ram on it and it is set up for 64 bit, Windows 7, didn't want to be the beta tester for "8". Previous Windows 7 programs I have used were not 64, so wondering it all those updates had corrupted something. Well, over weekend, will go to Microsoft and download OS.

    Thanks all.
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    Asus has some good laptops . Own one of the 4gb asus slim series laptop that first came out in 2009, still get 7 hr battery life.

    Check out the W7 4GB / i5 zenbook -

    Here is link to W8 acer ultrabook -

    Few yrs ago Acer was lagging behind Asus in terms of customer rating . Not sure if its same today, but Acer is cheaper than Asus ...and there might be some reason for it .

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    11-26-12 04:22 PM

    Tech Support: Who Ya Gonna Call? (Assumiing Winston's booked up)
    If you purchased directly from Dell, your laptop has 90 days Premium Phone Support + 1 Year In-Home Service after Remote Diagnosis package. more information:
    Another option for Tech Support, is Online Support Teams. They have the same capabilities as dell Phone Support, but through social media outlets.
    • Dell Community Forums – New to the Community:
    • You can contact the Dell Cares Team on Twitter (@DellCares):
    • If you don’t have a Twitter account, you can also go to Dell’s Facebook Support Form:
    A Facebook account is not required to use this form. You will be asked to provide your Name, service tag, email address and a brief description of the issue.
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    I downloaded an old friend, Eusing Registry Cleaner, very safe cleaner as opposed to Glary Ulitilities. I ran Eusing and it found 258 problems on this new laptop, so got rid of the problems. I had earlier tried Glary and it found 475 problems and when applied, it made machine even worst, so I recovered back to what it was.

    So now I would say the machine is 75% better. Going to run Glary again and see what I can delete out that won't make it worst.
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