New Laptop - Deal or No Deal

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    Here are the specs of a new laptop I've priced out from trading computers.

    Is this a Deal and worth the money or can I get something better or the same for cheaper.

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    This one for $1900 cdn

    Systemax Medallion XVII 17" WSXGA Built-To-Order Notebook PC with Genuine Windows XP®, nVidia GeForce 512MB Video, 1.3 Megapixel Camera, Stereo Speakers & Subwoofer, Piano Black Finish

    Warranty: No Floppy Drive Selected
    Accessories: No Additional Battery Selected
    Accessories: No Additional AC Adapter Selected
    Networking: Integrated Gigabit Network Adapter
    Keyboards / Mice / Input: No Mouse Selected
    Software: Computer Associates eTrust InoculateIT Anti-Virus
    Accessories: 1 Year Parts & Labor Notebook Warranty
    Accessories: No Docking Station/Laptop Stand
    Hard Disk Drives: 120GB 2.5" 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive
    Software: Microsoft Windows XP Professional
    Memory: 2GB PC5300 DDR2 667MHz SODIMM (2GB x 1)
    Software: Microsoft Office Ready Pro 2007/60-Day Free Trial
    Wireless Networking: Intel 4965AGN Wireless Mobile
    Processors: Intel Core2 Duo T7800 2.6GHz 800FSB 4M Processor
    Laptops: 17" WSXGA 965PM Notebook Base
    CD/DVD Drives: SuperMulti DVDRW Drive
    Laptops: Systemax 17" Notebook Branding Pack
    Laptops: Systemax Medallion XVII
    Video / Graphics Cards: nVidia GeForce 8600M GT 512MB Discrete Video RAM
    Wireless Networking: Integrated Bluetooth
  3. for a trading computer, find a company that sells a next day in home service, so your computer can be repaired very quickly if it breaks. Especially if you are trading live and not sim

    like the dell corporate series, they are good machines and they have next day onsite.

    Normal warranty normally implies you bringing back the computer to the store or depot and losing it for days/weeks.
  4. Don't go with an off-brand for laptops. Dell's Precision M4300 is a better buy. "Trading Computers" is out of their minds on their pricing.
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    Now way thats a rip 2900, you can get a great laptop for 1500. I used to sell them and the more you spend generally is for better graphics and video. You don't need either of those to trade. Save your money.

    Dell is decent, Toshiba, Sony. Costco doubles the manufacturer warranty for free and you can return with no fees within 90 days. So if you don't like it take it back. You don't know sometimes until you try it out.
  6. I bought a laptop from Oct. of 05, it's been run for hours daily and also in my truck as my GPS and has worked flawless from day one. The owner of the company will answer emails the same day. I haven't checked their current prices but from my experience they are a good company with quality products.
  7. Don't pick case 15 it has the mill in it:cool:
  8. That price seems way high to me - at least $500-$600 too much.

    I got a deal on a Dell Inspiron 1720 about 3 weeks ago with the following specs for < $1750:

    Even after adding $135 for Windows XP Professional OEM, and some extra for the BlueTooth, it is hard to justify $2900 for the system you were looking at.

    Item Number Quantity Item Description

    222-8603 1 Inspiron 1720, Intel Core 2 Duo T7500, 2.2GHz, 800Mhz, 4M L2 Cache
    313-5477 1 Midnight Blue Color with Microsatin Finish
    311-7219 1 2GB, DDR2, 667MHz 2 Dimm for Inspiron 1720
    320-5504 1 High Resolution, glossy widescreen 17.0 inch display (1920 x 1200)
    320-5468 1 256MB NVIDIA GeForce Go 8600
    341-6248 1 160G 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive Free Fall Sensor
    420-5769 1 Internet Search and Portal
    420-5924 1 Icon Consolidation Application
    420-6436 1 Vista, PC-Restore, Dim/Insp
    463-2282 1 Dell Owners Manual installed on your system,click on icon after system set-up to access
    420-7026 1 Media Direct 3.3
    420-6813 1 Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Edition, English
    420-7622 1 DELL SUPPORT CENTER 2.0
    430-0493 1 Integrated 10/100 Network Cardand Modem, for Inspiron
    420-6466 1 Roxio 9.0 Creator Deluxe/MyDVDDeluxe, for Inspiron/Dimension
    341-4716 1 8X DVD+/-RW Dual Layer Drive
    430-2680 1 Dell Wireless 1395 802.11g Mini Card
    320-5683 1 NO WEBCAM OPTION
    461-8389 1 No Virus Protection Requested
    312-0520 1 85 WHr 9-cell Lithium Ion Primary Battery, Inspiron 1720
    412-0148 1 No Internet Service Provider Requested
    412-1397 1 No Productivity Software requested
    950-3337 1 1 Year Limited Warranty
    960-2780 1 Warranty Support,Initial Year
    987-5457 1 Dell Hardware Warranty Plus Return To Depot, Initial Year
    983-3120 1 Type 12- Mail-InService, 24x7 TechnicalSupport, Initial Year
    987-8119 1 No Warranty, Year 2 and 3
    466-7744 1 Thank you for choosing Dell
    466-3921 1 No Preinstalled Software
    320-5808 1 Premium Deep Navy Blue with Soft Touch LCD back color w/o Camera Insp 1720
    310-8319 1 Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
    310-8628 1 You have chosen a Windows Vista Premium System
    420-7091 1 DataSafe Online Dim/Ins/XPS
    420-7092 1 DataSafe Online Dim/Ins/XPS 1YR-FREE
    987-4817 1 Insp Datasafe 3GB,1YR(Incl in price),DHS
    988-0099 1 To activate your online backupaccount, go to Start, Programs, DataSafe Online
    Dell Home Customers: Save $265 off this Dell Inspiron! - $265.00

    Product Subtotal: $1,614.17
    Shipping and Handling: $0.00

    Tax: $133.16
    Product Total: $1,747.33
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    total ripoff.

    standard processor
    ballin video card
    nice 4 gigs of ram
    80gb of hdd space?!
    no antivirus
    no office
    no external mouse

    you should pay less than 1k for this machine. it doesn't even support wireless n. ohhh! but it does come with an automatic defragmentor! woop woop!
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