New Laptop... 2 Problems

Discussion in 'Networking and Security' started by gnome, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. gnome


    I've got a new HP laptop...

    1. Acronis can make an image, but won't boot when trying to restore... it starts to boot, then the screen goes dark with no message.

    2. MS Office 2000 won't run. The OS is XP MCE... anyone having the same problem?

    2A. Anyone having trouble running *any* version of Office on MCE?

  2. cubes


    Have you managed to find the solution and how was it settled? Was thinking of getting the same OS as you and now I'm afraid that I will face the same problems with the installation of the MS Office. TIA
  3. gnome


    As for MS Office, it stopped working when unwanted programs which came with the laptop were uninstalled. As often occurs, when you delete a program (or run a registry cleaner), some things get deleted which are not supposed to be and affect other functions. I have Office running correctly now.

    As for Acronis... that is still not working properly. The imaging function is out for now, and I can't tell for sure about "cloning" because I'm reluctant to try. Part of cloning is to "delete the partition on the target drive"... but if that is done and THEN the computer doesn't boot (not booting from the boot disk is the current problem), I'll have to reinstall all the software from scratch.

    I have a cloned copy of the HD, but I won't use it except as a "last resort"... that is, the last thing I'll try before knowing I'll probably have to reinstall all the software from scratch anyway.

    It's my wife's computer... she uses it mostly for recreation and email, so it's a low priority around here. (Don't tell her I said that.) At the present time, I'm not devoting energy to running down the problem any further.

    I believe the boot problem is one with the hardware... the HP Notebook Pavilion dv6000.

    And while I'm at it.... I find the HP notebook to be annoying. Not only because of this current booting problem, but it also aborts booting if a USB device is attached... like a flash drive. My old Dell notebook booted with a flash drive mounted, but HP tech support told me the intentionally don't want theirs to boot if a USB device (other than a mouse or printer) is attached. This reason alone would stear me away from HP for further purchases.
  4. A number of the newer laptops are using SATA hard disks. I got a shock too when I started to use Acronis for the first time on this and it apparently did not want to boot for a restore.

    However give Acronis a minute or two and then you may find that it does find the hard disk and then boots.

    Was using PQDI (Poer Quest Disk Imager - now bought up by Symantec) alongside in the past but that won't boot a SATA HD so that has now been retired.

    Am no longer worried about the slow Acronis boot - it has proven to be stable.


    PS After dad had a variety of different brands he settled on IBM. Now that it is Lenovo we took a second look if we wanted to move back to his second choice - Toshiba - but we stuck with Lenovo and got one of the first laptops that was designed under the Lenovo umbrella (Z61) and to date this has not given any problems. Extreemly happy with it. Their software support (drivers, BIOS etc) alone is without par!