New jobless claims rise more than expected to 531K

Discussion in 'Politics' started by drjekyllus, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. Ricter


    And jobless claims were down last month. *shrug*

    But let's assume for argument's sake that Obama is responsible for the current level of unemployment (lol).

    Unemployment is up and payrolls are down. Productivity is up because those still employed are working harder and longer hours. They do this because they are afraid.

    Therefore, companies are nicely poised to make greater than average profits as sales rise.

    (This is an ongoing cycle I've come to think of as "milking".)

    The market largely trades in companies (not labor, presently low-value), and given that those companies will soon be nicely in the black, investors are buying in now.

    Therefore Obama is good for the market.