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  1. Rogers states that he bought more silver and palladium. He is still bullish on Chinese stocks despite their real estate bubble. He is also still very bullish on agricultural commodities due to the lowest reserves in decades and farmers being unable to get loans.
  2. Jim has been bullish on Ags through the boom and the bust and he should check global wheat stocks which are quite high, specifically in the US where it is at 22 year highs.
    I do think that in the next 2 years, grains are the place to be. We will make new highs in corn, soy and wheat by the end of 2012.
  3. I like Jim Rogers, and think he has good long term views, but he is a broken record. The script is pretty much always the same, bullish on commodities and China, and bearish on the US. I already know what he's going to say before he opens his mouth, because he's already said it before hundreds of times.
  4. Ya i agree. However, he's had pretty good success being bullish on these items.

    US - In the toliet
    China - 8% GDP Growth
    Most major base metals have forecasted sevre supply constraints. -> higher prices
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    The best Rogers video, no emotions just plain facts and straight to the point.
  6. You've seen one Rogers interview you've seen them all.
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    Yeah, but the old fox finally explained how to identify a "bubble". Trying to differentiate an long/short term uptrend, from bubble was very confusing.
  8. Palladium prices are depressed? They rose 175% in 12 months..
  9. The problem is something doesn't have to be a bubble in order to go down 75% in value. The same holds true the other direction. Rogers may be certain something is a bubble, but unfortunately that doesn't guarantee it will implode anytime soon.

    Check his videos from July 2008 where he was chuckling when some CNBC knucklehead asked if commodities were a bubble "Oh Maria, I see absolutely nobody being overly bullish on commodities!! There is no bubble!!!". And they still managed to drop like a stone.

    If Rogers says something is or is not a bubble by his definition, what value does that information really hold? It's as good as a coin toss.
  10. Rogers view on the commodities sector is that it is in a long term multi decade bull market like the one stocks have enjoyed say from when the DOW was at 1K untill it hit 14K 2 years ago.

    Why? You know why, if you have seen one explanation you have seen them all.

    But anyway, the man has writen several books, dozens of articles where he goes deeper into his love for commodities (and his economic views) than the format of a 5 minute TV interview would allow.

    You can say what you want about Rogers but claiming he offers no substance to his view on commodities is a claim lacking substance in itself really.

    So, to those who feel his books were crap, his historical comparing is of the mark and his love for commodities is myopic I would say don't feel sad.

    There is a guru out there for each and anyone of us, you just need to stop trying so hard!:D

    On a sidenote I would like to add I remember you reffering to Rogers as the man without a single losing trade but that's not exactly true.

    In one of his books he got offered some diamonds worth something like 30K the African local seller claimed, he declined but the seller insisted and he bought them for 5K, turns out it was glass!

    It was a good lesson in only investing in what you really understand. Thank you for that Jim.

    On a more serious note, in his book hot commodities, he labels gold as one of his least favourite commodities due to the suply demand situation and all of the mystic loons involved who think gold has special power or something.

    Turns out he was wrong, since gold outperformed pretty much all of the other commodities this last decade.

    So there you have it, the man's Achiles!
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