New Jersey/ PA trader meetup

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  1. Falcone


    Anyone in the central NJ/ PA (Bucks County/Phila suburbs) that would like to chat about the market maybe grab lunch or set up a group meeting DM. Been talking to the screen too long and would like to meet some like minded people.

  2. dozu888


    it's actually better to meet with the intellectuals... you can go to princeton to attend their seminars etc...

    traders are a pathetic bunch.
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  3. wrbtrader


    Yet you continue hanging out at a forum full of traders...a forum with the name :D

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  4. Maybe he's a loser too
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  5. dozu888


    online is different.... I live in the area and there is nothing here really... trading wise the action is in NYC.... hence the princeton recommend.

    actually there is a lot of real estate action here.... not a bad idea to mix with those guys some of them have big scale.... this will change a traders mind set.... too many traders are tick f'ing (somebody else invented this term)..... too much small-thinking, can never get rich this way!
  6. Zodiac4u


    I thought you Trade? Or maybe your one of those types that likes to be called an investor? My mistake, but, don't you have to execute a trade to get in and out of your position?
  7. Zodiac4u


    Tick fucking is a good way to make big money in small increments, just as long as you don't get fucked, but than again, isn't it this way with any business, you need to know it well to do well, I know a lot of investors who experienced a sizable fuck and later wished that they were more conservative. Its fun being right all the time until your wrong.
  8. wrbtrader


    He's not a trader. Yet, he does make recommendations that increases the probability of risk of ruin via the illusion you will get rich if you listen to him with no verification he's doing the same. In contrast, his recommendations should have been made 2016, 2010, 2003, 1997 and I'm not sure if he was born before 1997. :D

    He's been here a long time...since 2001...never did he make any recommendations about buying QQQ nor AAPL back in 2003, 2010 and 2016.

    Yet, he does have an issue with scalpers and possibly just day trading itself even if you trade but not a scalper. I don't think he realizes most or many here are part-time traders with a real job or full time traders with another job that does not conflict with their full time trading.

    Yeah, his earlier posts at this forum indicates he was or maybe still is a day trader via his prior rants about how easy daytrading was and such. My guess is that he sour on daytrading soon after those rants and is now trying to get rich via investments and other entrepreneurship opportunities...he was in fact daytrading at least as earlier as 2001 and it has only been a hobby to him according to his own words.

    I've seen him tell others here to stop trading stocks and to instead trade Emini futures, trade only the Emini NQ, trade the Hang Seng HSI futures and other markets over the years but I think he has a thing for trading the Asia futures markets.

    His attitude towards day trading seem to change to negativity around 2008 or 2009.

    He thinks intraday trading (doesn't seem to like the phrase daytrading) is for trading a few days via 10 - 100 contracts and make all your money for the year in those few days of trading. Later he got hacked or something like that.

    Now it seems like he's fed up with trading (it did not go well for him) and he's into investing although I'm not sure what he was doing before (maybe college) when trading was just a hobby for him.


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  9. Zodiac4u


    Trading isn't for everyone, I learned that the long hard-way about day trading. I learned this one thing about trading from this guy here on ET long ago, he had a journal. I talked to him on the phone and he said the markets will find your weakness. The market will pull everything out, that you have hidden away in your closet. He was completely dead nuts on. If you grew up fucked up, it will come out in your trading. If at all, the best thing you can get from trading is finding out what your made of and realizing that if your fucked up, than you need to go get therapy. Me i was fucked up even more, I did it the stupid way, I just stayed with it, until i figured out why it wasn't working for me. I got closure and I'm completely content in my life. Was the long journey worth it? fuck no, it was too long:D, But I'm happy:) and that's all that matters.
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