New Jersey Nets' new Russian owner Message to "King LeBron"

Discussion in 'Politics & Religion' started by quantsteve, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. Found this very funny post on another board and it was too good not to share. Another poster made up a "Mikhail Prokhorov (New Jersey Nets' billionaire new Russian owner)" alias and posted this gem:

    "Heat. This is warn.

    First you pay many rubles to Christov Bosh and countryman Dwade. Was OK. You give rubles to King as well? I will now crush you.

    Glorious Nyets offered maximum rubles amount to King LeBron and get verbal commitment of "maybe." Black friend Jason-Z say Miami is nice place to live. I say Trenton is nice place to live. Almost nice as Moscow.

    This is warn. I have crushed Knick with Billboard. You will surrender King LeBron to Nyets or I will execute following plan of action.

    1. I make giant billboard to block sun in Miami. Not nice place anymore. Property value down. Will Smith make no more song about glory of Miami.

    2. I buy Heat and trade King and comrade Bosh to Nyet. Prime Minister Stern will have to be terminate for this to be allow. I will crush Prime Minister Stern. Then move Heat to Novosibirsk to die in famine of cold Russian winter. You now have cheer for Magic.

    3. I release my Boris Bear in center of Miami. You are no longer safe.

    Make decide."