New Jersey drivers worst in nation?

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  1. It's seems that every time I take my car out some moron cuts me off, almost hits me cuz he ran a light, or (this is true) stops dead in the middle of highway traffic (and not on the shoulder). New Jersey drivers - worst in the nation? I think our insanely high insurance rates support my assertion. Any other good stories from those of you from points afar?
  2. Run from anyone from New Jersey.
  3. question
    so cal drivers are the worst
    they usually have no potholes/ice/sleet etc to deal with
    no they are always on offensive, crashes all the time and usually death because they drive so fast
  4. I despise NJ.
    The road system there is so poor, I believe it adds to driver frustration there. You can drive miles before being able to u turn, and signs are never clear / wrong / not even there.

    One other thing about NJ drivers and people. I have never gotton correct driving directions, if I was lost. I eventually came to the conclusion that people there intentionally give wrong directions, since it has happened so many times ( I lived there for 2 years, I have bad sense of direction, I have asked countless times). I will repeat also, that people in that state, a majority, do it purposely. I have proof. But I wish to not go into it. I thankfully do not live there, and do not visit often. When I do, though, I have the same experience EVERY time. Even if I use mapquest before the trip.
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    I have not driven in NJ in a while but do recall that the directional signs I needed always seemed to be postage sized and placed AFTER the point I needed to exit. Insofar as driving ability is concerned, I would put the typical Oklahoma driver up against any NJ driver for the title of "Worst in the nation". We used to have a joke about OK drivers performing an maneuver called "Fade left, turn right". In Oklahoma, if a driver in front of you gradually started drifting to the left in his lane, you could be assured that he would be making a right turn shortly (especially if he did not turn on his right turn signal). By the way, I am a native of Chicago who currently lives in Dallas.
  6. I know exactly what you mean. Route 4 in Bergen County has to be the worst. Miss your exit and you have to go five miles before you hit a u-turn. Worst road planning ever.
  7. Actually, my first guess would be Florida...just because of all the old people.
  8. NJ is terrible, no doubt, as is NY, southern California is scary, Florida is not a good state to, say, ride a motorcycle in, but in my experience, none of them comes close to the Boston area. There you have a near lethal combination of bad attitudes, amazing stupidity, rampant drug and alcohol abuse, poor roads and idiotic local governments. They pioneered no fault insurance 30 years ago and it turned a bad situation into a hideous one, as people had no remaining incentive to drive the least bit responsibly. If you plan on moving to Bosotn, my advice is to trade in your new car and get a 12 year old Tahoe and jack it up and put big wheels on it. That way you are safer if some moron decides to run a red light or some liquored up pol or mafia member T-bones you.
  9. Boston, without a doubt. There is a reason cars have bumpers.
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    I know exactly what you mean. Route 4 in Bergen County has to be the worst. Miss your exit and you have to go five miles before you hit a u-turn. Worst road planning ever.---Sardo

    You must have the wrong highway. RT.4 has multiple exits every mile at the most. Route 4 in total is only a few miles long. It starts at the GWB and ends right after Paramus.

    The worst place in the world is Long Island (and I'm not just referring to the roads). The LIE is a disaster.
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