New Jersey casinos are shut down

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Pekelo, Jul 5, 2006.

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  2. They couldn't finish the budget and meet their deadline?...or was it simply a dispute on how to spend the money?...

    Why is it that legislatures do not want to present their budgets on time?

    Would they rather operate without one?


    Way to go Govy should teach them to get it done...

    Arnold got his....way to go Arnold!

    Gov. John Corzine addressed the Legislature at the Statehouse Wednesday morning, defending his position as a stalemate over the state budget entered its fifth day with no deal in sight. He said he had no choice but to halt state services since lawmakers missed their budget deadline, and he urged the Legislature to do something about it quickly.
  3. Corzine takes office and NJ is bankrupt. Wondering when we'll see his name on the Presidential ballot...this country loves to hire losers.
  4. Former Goldman executive can't get a budget together?!