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  1. I know this has been done before, but not since his massive "Stochastic Indicator" thread. So what do you think of him now?
  2. I personally think that his writing style makes him very hard to understand and so it's very hard to say if he has anything of value to offer. Therefore, the 'no opinion' option should be added.
  3. with a gun to my head, i would say....

    "A little kooky, but probably a good trader."
  4. Yeah, if a mod wants to change it that would be cool. Maybe something like, I can't understand him so I don't care.
  5. He is full of crap.. ever since I read his first post on ET claiming that beginners can easily trade his method and make $100k.

    Something doesnt add up here based on his posts... The guy is supposed to have made $1.7 million in one lousy day.... he is 70+ years old.. and he posts for hours on message boards to his lemmings.

    From his first post.. to his last.. I dont understand one single thing he writes about... some people claim that they know what he is talking about... but they are just fooling themselves.

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    Probably the same people who thought Dana Carvey was funny.
  7. Having not followed this board for all that long, it amazes me to see time and time again helpful individuals torn down by the unenlightened. There are plenty of gems to be found on this board. One simply needs to seek them out. Unfortunately, the trash often obscures their location.

    Should anyone decide to post their methods to share with others they can look forward to criticism and personal attacks - almost without exception.

    I have read Jack's posts here, in the google archives, and on three other web sites during the last two weeks. Did I understand it all? No. Can I trade Jack's Methodology yet? No. Did I find something that helped my own methods to be more profitable? You bet.

    I suspect their will always be individuals who fail to understand how to elevate themselves without tearing down others. It is, after all, easier to destroy something than to create it. However, I for one remain grateful to those individuals that had the courage to step forward and share with the rest of us their insight - even in the face of such animosity that thrives here.
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    Let me premise this by stating I am not a professional daytrader and am learning here. Basically just trying to learn how to make a buck.

    Learning curves can be painful. For me it usually gets very hard before I make a break thru into a new way of looking at things. That’s the price I have to pay. Putting in the work does pays off. And there is work to be done. Many times I have thrown in the towel, only to regroup and come back refreshed to start anew. Plus I bring a lot of my own garbage to the arena which has nothing to do with the subject at hand.

    There is no doubt in my mind Mr. Hersheys’ insights have helped me tremendously and in a most unique way. Its’ very hard to come by a similar perspective. Anywhere. Do I understand it all? Definitely not! Is it frustrating at times? You bet!

    Persistence is an asset.
  9. Well I have to say I've changed my mind(again) about Jack. He has been posting some helpful stuff in my journal thread. Awful nice thing for a guy to do after some of the things I have said. Do I believe he makes as much as he says? Not really, but I do think he knows what he is talking about, once you get used to his dialect. I think if you posted a chart of my opinion of Jack, It would be stuck in a range over the past few months. :)
  10. although i sometimes don't completely understand what jack says, he is definitely a unique individual and i'm glad he's here on ET. i would bet he is a profitable trader.
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