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    Undaunted we plow ahead. looming above us a weird feeling that the Gov can't just put a finger in a damn and expect to hold the water back. Natl City bank is scaring me I'm not going to lie... but It's spring and a new feeling is in the air. All along stonedinvesting has been calling for what's known in the biz as a " Double Dip " and indeed we are in the upward part of the first dip.....

    There are some really interesting charts out there I'll throw them out and then come back later and flush them out a bit but - NIHD is above $40 a sig point and their Mexico additions are said to be better or " not as bad " as the street fears, this is a high growth SA phone play and it's darn tempting chart because the upside is so large with the allowance of many waves to get there...
    BRCM is looking a little bit scary here. This is how a real outperform semi looks before it does it's thing- breaking out to 3 month HIGHS. I'm not a dry bulk watcher but these stocks are breathtaking both ways when they move; as a short term trade EXM is looking powerful. CRYP is another chart to take a look at, it's in fact a tricky, tricky chart which at one view may look to be breaking a down trend, yet may be too close to big resistance to make for a buy... PTEC continues to beguile me; buy now or after earnings in a few days? Few know about the company, why take the risk?... yet there was that Baron's profile and Roth has been A BIG SUPPORTER EVEN CHIRPING TODAY .... QSII is in the electronic health/ paperless environment software field, this too a very fun chart take a look.... And here too a possible spark, a competitor Allscripts is having some trouble with their merger and losing share to QSII.
    I've known about cadiz Land for many many a moon. way back in Dan Dorphman days on CNBC and before that the lure here was always some drastic amount of water they had access too that was going to save all the farmers and supply the people in California. Well getting access of course has been the trick my memory is foggy here they were going to divert the Colorado? Something like that and store it underground...and the co has been mired in lawsuits for a decade well finally their day in court has been set next week! CDZI...has a PR out today claiming early victories in motions before the court.. there is a pretty nice payout possible, or they could settle and clear the way frfor cadiz to operate. It's a fun stock to research, crazy story. IMMR cut a deal with GE heath for new generation vibe gear for medical tools... nothing earth shattering but it highlights this companies real world adaptation for it's tech beyond video game joysticks. When we have big storms the crews are called out to rebuild the wires and such is the case in China... I like this JST very much but it's volume is low and it's float is but 6 million shares.... Now that the newsletters are involved FEED has taken aflight again alas without me....

    NIHD CRYP QSII PTEC BRCM EXM IMMR JST... Somewhere in these 8 names is a high charged name I can bring to the hedge fund with a straight face.... AMAG too but on a personal basis certainly not the chart! ~ stoney
  2. This is the wrong place to discuss individual stocks...
  3. Do triple and quadruple dots after a word indicate greater importance of that word than quintuple and hextuple dots? Is this system of dots used as rating for a stock (i.e., "buy", "strong buy", "market outperform")?
  4. Stock the ISM series is not about individual stocks it's about process. How one starts the week with a number of ideas and filters that down to a good buy. It's also very keen on giving exact turn dates for the market as the last one did calling the absolute low on May 10... so for important info like that it's good to be in the trading forum for this is how one trades... but you wouldn't know that. ~ stoney
  5. LOL Good question but from " nonlinear " you should know .... means I'm pausing, reloading, perhaps having a civilized pipe and then moving on... ~si
  6. Oh, I see. So, if you took a bathroom break while you were typing, I am expecting to see something like this:

    Undaunted we plow ahead... unzipping... looming above us a weird feeling ... urinating... that the Gov can't just put a finger ... shaking... in a damn and expect to hold the water back... zipping up... flushing...

    Is that right?
  7. not quite... the way we do it is we take advantage of down days in up markets to isolate strength on our watch list- NIHD CRYP QSII PTEC BRCM EXM IMMR JST.

    NIHD is barely down and holding above $40.
    BRCM is up CRYP is up IMMR is flat EXM is up $2
    QSII down slightly and JST is taking the biggest natural hit.

    PTEC is taking the biggest hit and thus might make for the best trade today. They tossed in some very confusing earnings in which they just beat by TOO MUCH and then missed somehow in revenue... this is complicated stuff about not recognizing orders until the folks they sell too push out their wares.... backlog is strong this might be a big over reaction... or not still digging.
    The stk is down 12%...

    To this list I will add the following always stoned stocks RMBS breaking out yet again... I have opined on this breakout for over a year and it's still NOT HAPPENED! on the cusp as they say...
    Oil names HK, PBR & PXD..... also a poster had me re consult some early portfolios and surprise things aren't as bad as I feared AMSC for one is all the way back- I sold out like a (rhymes with woosie) in the low $20's but it's $26 again and my German LED play AIXG, well it's all the way back too @ $14....

    So of the original list I am inclined to go with CRYP since it continues to drift up natural on no news... You may remember these guys took a hit when the US came down on internet gaming they promptly moved to Canada and seem to have gotten their house back in order.

    I'm tempted to look for the bounce in PTEC but I may send out a help request from the analysts at the hedge fund for hand holding...

    And NIHD on the back of strong AT&T numbers...

    TOP IDEAS* CRYP @ $18.90 NIHD @ $40.35
    IMMR @ $8.45 AIXG @ $14.25

    also RMBS @ $23.65 BRCM @ $23.83 (this looks particularly strong) EXM is moving but I am afraid of it...and 2 more additions:
    SINA @$41.00 & CRDC @ $8.19.

    Relative Strength is a big part of what I do.
    people have accused me of being too Momentum driven but those that know me know RS is a key metric I use, combined with momentum and chart reading. ~stoney
  8. Boy how bout that CRYP gave us a free 50 cents right after the buy. Love that especially since the market was diving to new lows at the time... that's just the type of tel I look for, tic for tic...

    I also bought CLWR that's another stable stock in a big down day and a stoney fave but I'm back in for three reasons (1) I freely admit is takeover chatter to which I have no idea if any of it is true.
    (2) The Chart happens to be real nice in a bull flag . (3) It's WIFI... Well there you have it the man that swore he would not buy this week only made it to Tuesday. And that my friends is the stock market! ~ si

    Trade Time: 3:44PM ET
    Change: 1.26 (6.72%)
    Prev Close:

    ROAR! ~ stoney
  10. CLearly a CLEARWIRE b/o!
    CLWR appears to be lifting out of its 3 1/2 week bull flag & across movavg resistance .Pressing 9 month declining tops resistance up over $1.50 now since mini low this looks serious to me.....
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