new ipad - retina display!

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  1. And this is what Apple becomes without Mr. Jobs.

    P.S. What are pixels?
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    hold a seance, let Jobs explains it to you.
  3. ingrates. without apple you'd be scribbling in crayon and drooling all over yourselves. they ARE civilization.

    funny, if HP or any of the other player came out with that , it would get 3 seconds of attn.
  4. I thought things were supposed to get lighter and smaller.
  5. I'm holding out for the Eardrum speakers!
  6. that goes for only wives and technology :D
  7. Eight


    Apple corp has my undying admiration. Is there another company in the US of A, the home of junk spewing off the end of a production line, that does quality? Does quality and is soon to be the largest buyer of electronics components in the world...

    I love quality things, I used to prototype electronics stuff and I could make it functional and beautiful. It was very satisfying to me to do that and most of the people I made it for were engineers that were happy to work all day surrounded by the ugliest looking stuff you've ever seen.. I should move to Italy where form trumps function..
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