New Intel X-25M G2 160GB Solid State Drive - $299

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    I am selling a brand new, still in a package, never used, Intel X-25M G2 160GB Solid State Drive.
    Newegg is currently out of stock on this drive. It was last sold for $399.99

    It is the MOST RELIABLE, MOST STABLE highest rated solid state drive that has ever been sold.

    Here are the links to two of the many reviews of this amazingly stable and reliable ssd: - Selected as Editor's Choice - Selected as Editor's Choice
  2. Not looking to queer your sale, but these go for $150-ish on eBay.
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    Those are used. Find one that is NEW at that price and let me know.
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    I have lowered the price to 330 for a quick sale.
  5. No, not at the time posted.

    "Price on eBay varies depending upon what's currently offered".

    With Intel SSD Toolbox, we shouldn't be concerned about buying "used". The Toolbox will tell us "Percent of expected life remaining". I've got a couple of X25-Ms which have been running for 2 1/2 years... still reading "100%" of life left. Of course that doesn't mean literally 100%, but the number of writes has been less than required to reduce the reading from 100% to 99%... which is effectively still "brand new".
  6. Again, not to queer your deal, but the "New, BIN" price on eBay is $190.

    Why would a knowledgeable buyer on ET pay you $330 when they could get one on eBay for $190?

    FWIW... You want to move your stuff? Know the equivalent price on eBay and price yours accordingly.

    (I've sold dozens of items on eBay... a number of video cards and drives to ETers.. and lots of stuff on Craigslist... I'm up on "how things work".)
  7. Not only. Just checked newegg. This is an older model it seems, and the newer ones are cheaper on newegg than 330 USD. Depending on model - 270 USD to 320 USD. Prices for those things are coming down. Fast. Finally. I personally use OCZ Vertex 3 (painfull story for some time). Anyhow, I get them now a LOT chepaer than 6 months ago. And that is a LOT cheaper.
  8. If it's "version G2", it is NOT "older model".

    The newer 320 is sometimes referred to as "X25-M G3"... with "data protection enhancements and increased warranty to 5-years".
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    Watch warranties, as both Western Digital and Seagate are reducing warranties as part of cost savings due to flooding in Thailand, and trying to make money anywhere they can. I supposedly have a 5 yr warranty on my Intel drive, but I have read it was reduced even though that is what was claimed when I purchased it.
  10. Warranties cost money. The difference between a 3-yr and a 5-yr warranty is that they have to reserve both more service money and more hardware to honor a warranty they've made for a longer period. Intel currently claims "5-yr warranty on 320 models". Some companies have reduced their warranty but offer consumers the chance to extend their warranty for a price.

    Any purchase you made with 5-yr warranty is still good for that... regardless of subsequent changes in warranty policy. By law, nobody can reduce your "your warranty at time of purchase", at whim.
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