New Info On Martin-Zimmerman Shooting

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    Since a warrant hasn't been issued, I suspect this new information will exonerate Zimmerman even further.

    State Attorney Angela Corey, the special prosecutor in the Trayvon Martin case, announced on Tuesday night that she will hold a news conference by Friday at the latest.

    In a memo from her office, Corey said she will release new information regarding the investigation into Martin's death, but no specifics were provided.

    The media will be notified three hours in advance of the news conference as to when and where it will be held -- either Jacksonville or Sanford.
  2. I think it will be a political lynching.
  3. Curious, if it was a close quarter struggle they should find Gunpowder residue on Trevons body.

    He will be prosecuted regardless. Right now there is fear of a Race riot.
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    I'll wager every penney I have that he will be charged. The truth doesn't matter. The only reason she did away with the Grand Jury is because of the risk they would not bring charges.
  5. He is going to be charged.If he beats the state charges Holder will charge him
  6. i agree, if she felt like she didnt have enough to press charges she wouldnt have done away with the grand jury, why would she put herself in the controversy? so to me, 95% chance he's charges with something..
  7. Zimmerman will be charged. They're just trying to decide what they can make stick.
    It's obviously not first degree murder. 2nd degree is a stretch as they must prove malice. Manslaughter is likely with a plea down to aggravated assault would be my guess right now given what the general public knows. His biggest problem is following Martin after being told not to. Somehow he must show that Martin doubled back on him and attacked him unprovoked. Gonna' be tough to do.
    Their biggest concern is how it plays out in the street. A manslaughter charge with a plea to aggravated assault won't sit well with Jesse and Al.
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    Well if i have my facts right, which may or may not be true[ i am not an eyewitness], the following could happen.

    Some of cities have an ordinance, making it unlawful to discharge a firecracker or firearm inside city limits:cool: But a minor charge like that or a traffic violation maybe be dismissed...:cool:

    Since the gentleman is half hispanic, dont panic yet, especially in an election year:D As a prosecutor, she may enjoy the control/controversy of simply warning about discharging a firearm in city or county limits...

    As a LIFE member of NRA,contributor to JPFO[Jews for Possession of Firearms Ownership],95-99% chance he gets off, with a warning to be careful when he discharges a firearm, inside city limits.Angela Corey has trend record of being tough on criminals, but in this case the criminal already got his payday & is dead as a doornail. Not a prediction.

    I know some Chicago crooks do not like the 2nd ammendment, but thats just Chicago Crooks.......................................
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    If you were an eyewitness and saw Martin attacking Zimmermann, would you dare come out in this racially tense climate? They say that the first guy who saw the incident and T pummeling G into the ground is now backing out in fear for his life and property. How can they ever guarantee a fair decision and trial here?
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