New Indicators for eSignal

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  1. The Trigger Alert, Filter Probabilities and Exit Assist indicators
    have been ported from Trade Station and are NOW AVAILABLE FOR
    ESIGNAL USERS! I've been getting asked for this for months now.

    Product information LINK:

    Alex's filter/trigger awareness system. Lets you know the status of
    the filters at all time. Compiles all the data without you having
    to look at everything manually. Dynamically updates with the market.

    Program that will alert you when one of Alex's trigger entry alerts
    is firing off long or short. When market conditions meet the
    criteria of the trigger, you will receive a visual and sound alert.
    Remember--know what your filters are before jumping in. Dynamically
    updates with the market.

    Alex's system for automatically picking a stop based on market
    conditions. Exit Assist will also provide you with trailing stops
    and alert you of where to get out of a position. PureTick uses this
    in the room every day.
    Members of the trading room get an automatic 15% off anything on
    this page.

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