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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by StrategyRunner, Jul 31, 2005.

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    Hi Everyone,

    we are on the verge of releasing a new indicator package.

    As always with SR your feedbacks are the driving force behind our development , please check them out at:

    and let us know your comments and suggestion

    Do they look clear?

    is their anything missing?

    your feed back will be greatly appreciated

    Thank you,

    The SR team
  2. A. Some indicators got my curiosity going:
    1. Merging "Lowest value over a specified period" with "Highest value over a specified period" into one graph where you would see both curves could be interesting.

    2. Developing the True Range concept with volume or volume*price data might yield additional information.

    3. We could develop a trend or momentum indicator by comparing price variations with the Money Flow indicator, or comparing their lows/highs.

    B. Some indicators need a little bit of clarification:
    1. The Time Series Forecast function displays the statistical trend of a security's price over a specified time period based on linear regression analysis.
    So vague it doesn't mean anything. Is the indicator built with multiple linear regression trendlines? Some basic info about the nature of the regression analysis would be appreciated, even if you have to use scientific expressions.

    2. The Commodity Channel Index (CCI) measures the variation of a security's price from its statistical mean.
    Is it the statistical mean of the price or the price variation? By looking at the Y axis, it seems like it is the mean of the price variation.
  3. The triangle looks interesting. Are they available at my local oscillator store?
  4. The triangle looks interesting are they available at my local oscillator store?
  5. They are fine, but your software still lacks things like the Keltner channel and the floor pivots. I hope you will add them soon too.