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  1. As a supplement to Jack Hershey's SCT, I am pleased to announce the development of a new indicator: the Hyposculator. Attached you will see how it performs on the SCT five minute time frame. I call it the Hyposculator rather than the Hyposcillator because it tells you when to kiss a trade goodbye. I use the prefix "Hypo" not out of ego but because, as those of you who know your Greek will recognize, it is a bit under what you might expect, even from me. The beauty of the Hyposculator is most evident in shorter time frames, where you see that it maintains its +/-1 range no matter how small price variations become. This is most convenient for those who, like I, prefer to tick fuck to keep anxiety at a minimum. Enjoy.
  2. If the RNG label is correct, would it be better named the "Emasculator".

  3. This revolutionary new trading tool has many advantages over those currently available:

    a) It uses no integration (which Southerners like me hate) and no differentiation (which Jack has trouble with)

    b) All computations are el-Jewbraic (the A-Rabs stole "al-Jabr", like Mahomet stole the Pentateuch, from a Hebrew mathematician in the Holy Land working for the money changers in the Temple)

    c) It is very fast with low lag, using only five price samples

    d) It is solidly statistically based (but does not depend on "guasians")

    e) There are no moving averages, much less moving averages of moving averages, used

    The REAL mathematicians here (I can count you on my balls, I don't need my fingers to do it) will instantly recognize what is (but I hope they won't rat me out as a fraud, as I hope to sell this and make millions)
  4. Sandy, the RNG label is just a security cover. You will note that there IS stong positive low lag correlation with price movement. However, like most oscillators, it tends to signal after the Mark I eyeball has already registered a change. No matter, I will soon be the new Tuschey Chandar.
  5. Holmes


    It reminds me of the activity of quants: a measurebater.


    PS Can we rename quants to measurebaters?
  6. Holmes


    Now you start sounding like Murray Ruggiero. tst tst....

  7. No! No! You're not taking me seriously! ET never does. I spent ten minutes coding it up, after five minutes of research (that's what the new generation of academics calls plagiarism nowadays). It's priceless! I am going to sell it to the very next newbie who posts, instead of referring him to Jack.
  8. Holmes


    My apologies. Perhaps you can contact the thread starter of this thread: I am sure he will be interested.

    Yes. You may also want to contact the starter of this thread: he sure seems like he can use your indicator too.

    And while you are at it, you can perhaps create a special "traders clock" at some discount price of 27000? That really is easier to operate than the software as discussed in the following thread: because for that sofwtare you have first to spend many years in becoming a measurebater.

    I'll help you and an attaching the blueprint for the clock.

    Good luck!


    edit: I think that you should charge a discount price of $ 99 999.95 for the clock which will be still a bargain since they do not have to spend far more in studying all this complex maths. Think about the savings they make by being able to start trading immediately rathe than to have to wait 10 ~ 15 years before they are able to trade. They can own an island in the Bahamas or of the coast in the middle east by then. And think about the plane, the yacht and all the beautfiul women that will vie for them! Real bargain! Earn money now, but make sure to hurry as the offer won't last long. After all we cannot have too many people using the same system that would not be clever.

    PS 2: Looks like this threadstarter is in deperate need fo you simpleton system, errhh indicator too:

    Market is getting out of the doldrums now and I really hope a few fortunate, too lazy to do anything aspirant traders take the chance of this exclusive, once in a lifetime, special and limited offer to make a whack in the markets.

    You have to be in to win!
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    Hey Mike, what have you been doing the last few years? Invent anything? No? Show your 2nd wife and son what an ass you are in cyberspace? No?? I thought you were an egotist! Show us what you got monkey boy! Working in LA must be a real drag. Some scientist you turned out to be.
  10. Holmes, would you consider shilling for me on all such threads? I don't read past the first post if they're that stupid. ET is so rife with foolishness that it cannot recognize genius. Over the years I have given ET free gratis gratuit frei many systems. I started with an optimized fully backtested "Sell Wednesday". Then I introduced VWAP bands. Next a tick-by-tick synthetic NDX. Most recently I revealed the NAZDOIL system. All to dead silence, like that which greets the Hyposculator. If you SELL ET something and it doesn't work, they're too embarassed at their own stupidity to complain about it. But as Jack well knows, if you GIVE IT AWAY, everybody bitches.
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