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    What ET needs to add to the posts is a "Moron Indicator". Yeah, that's right a "Moron Indicator".

    Everyone would get just ONE vote if they think an ET member is a moron. The Moron Indicator could be put on everyone's posts just below the number showing the quantity of posts a member has made. Any vote for a moron would automatically be removed after 15 or 30 days and one could re-vote his moron vote for that member after that time if he so desired.

    Of course, those getting large Moron Indicator numbers probably wouldn't continue to post their garbage.

    What do you guys think? (Please, no comments saying something like "I think you are a moron". ha ha ha ha ha
  2. I'm going to split this off into feedback.
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    You obviously haven't met LongShot . . . :D
  4. What will the majority of ET members say about our good friend, James Crock?

  5. Aye
  6. The EliteTrader MUD:

    Welcome to the land of trading, riches and fortunes. It is time for you to select your character. You have 50 points to distribute between the following abilities:

    Intelligence -- The ability to write and think. This attribute is often filled with leftover points only when all other attributes have been selected

    Trolling -- The ability to get other people to notice you and start posting things that generally are insignificant in nature

    Atheism -- The ability to realize that god doesn't exist (helpful if combined with low intelligence)

    Trading Ability -- Not a critical attribute, since markets are extremely efficient anyhow and the only ones who make money are specialists.

    arbitrage Ability -- Reserved for select few of the Metooxx race.

    Ego -- The ability to prove to others that you are indeed a superior member of your selective race.

    Once you select your attributes, please select your race:

    Trader -- Someone who doesn't post and actually trades. Good at lurking, picking out interesting information and applying it to their trading. There are few traders in the land of ET.

    Piker -- Someone who thinks they can trade. Good at posting thousands of messages, posting uninteresting information about trading. There are many guilds for Pikers.

    Wanderer -- Someone who could care less about trading altogether and is instead more interested in the quintessential questions, "Is there a god," "Why am I here," "What sports team is the best?"

    Troll -- Someone who posts messages trying to express and demonstrate their superior intellect to an otherwise disinterested audience who could care less how many philosophy books they have read or whether or not they have a firm command of SAT words.

    Elite Trader -- A title often mistaken with actual trading ability. An elite trader is one who has mastered the art of writing countless posts in the wee hours of the night -- usually while under the influence of some drug such as alcohol. Elite Traders eventually get their name on the front page as a tribute to their countless devotion to endless blabbering.

    Mr. Market -- This is a special race with only one member. This member loves to consume meats and cheeses, especially the finest that are available. This race also excels at picking out only trades that are profitable -- and consecutively as well.

    bobcathy -- Another special race that is actually a hybrid of two separate sexes. Occasionally the male psyche of this moniker makes a post, but it appears that this race is predominated by the female component. (as are all races, really).

    Gordon Gekko -- While little is known about the internal workings of Mr. Gekko, we have ascertained that this race is a special race consisting of a strong atheistic attribute. This race also lacks "capitalize start of new sentence" spell. It is believed that this race once copied attributes from a mid-to-late movie called "Wall Street," where the main character assimilated much of the market through lying, stealing, cheating, dishonesty, corruption, racketeering, etc., before losing it all.

    Moderator -- Someone who is in charge of taking care of the chaos that constantly seeks dominance in the ET world. Moderators are automatically bestowed with the magic spell "delete post" and "edit post."

    Administrator -- God of ET. Dungeon Master, etc.
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    I'd like to chart the daily percentage of moronic posts. Call it the MPI. See how it compares to the S&P.
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    Hmm...Aphie.....I resemble that remark......ROFL......:D :D