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  1. Factsheet :

    For the first time, U.S. Futures Exchange will offer futures on the leading Indian equity index that allow
    investors outside of India to capitalize directly on the incredible growth in India’s markets. The Bombay Stock
    Exchange’s (BSE) SENSEX Index is composed of 30 major Indian stocks and regarded as the country’s premier
    stock market index. The USFE USD SENSEX future will trade 23 hours per day and settle monthly to the
    corresponding U.S. dollar value of BSE’s SENSEX index.

    Funny stuff...23 hours !

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    Looks interesting. Let's see what the liquidity will be, but 23/24hrs - nice.

  3. will IB offer this?
  4. New contracts tend to be launched at longer-term market tops. This should be no different. SENSEXional! :D
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    Looks interesting. Thanks for the info.
  6. Who are the USFE? Never heard of them..

    IB does not support them, yet atleast.

    Indian NIFTY Index futures (in USDs) are listed on the Singapore Exchange and are apparently tradeable via IB. No idea what the liquidity is like as i never have subscribed to that data feed..
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    Over 1 million of the Nifty futures traded on the SGX in March which averages out to a little under 50K per day. It's a small contract but you can do size. It's been showing good growth on the SGX.
  8. USFE = EurexUS, a dead exchange.