New Inandlong Line in the Sand System

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by profitseer, Sep 17, 2002.

  1. I hear ya, Now I am probably one of the most unsuccessful channel traders still surviving, but when you figure all the time I've spent studying them, I probably only lose about minimum wage per hour. But no doubt about it, there are certain days when certain lines are crossed without even a moments hesitation.

    I was just thinking about that. If you pick up an idea roaming this site, and fit it in to your plan, maybe it only makes you a couple of points a year, but over ten years times how many contracts, that is pretty good pay.

    Don't forget to share the wealth when you hit one. And if it doesn't work out, now you know, I had nothing to do with this. It's all inandlongs fault.
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  2. I thank you profitseer for giving credit where credit is due.

    And thank you for your provocative post sunnyskies. You really are a solutions-oriented person. Your posts generate so much creative thinking. Keep up the good work and again..... thank you.


    Hey guys, you too sunnyskies, I'm thinking the longer the time frame the greater the profit opportunity will be. Also, a longer time frame will provide for fewer whipsaws. As I look at hourly, daily, and weekly charts the validity of the line is clear. The closing price of these time frames rarely spends any time in extremely tight ranges.

    Still working on that elusive de-finite exit though. Clearly that is the difficult part because of the desire to maximize profit. No one wants to give anything back, or take it too soon. I know I have been shaken out early a number of times.

    Alan Farley at HRE likes to use the next shorter time frame to signal reversals in one of his methods. I think there is validity to that.


    Sunnyskies it would sure be nice if you could participate in a constructive manner here, like the rest of the guys are. I will presume that your acrimonious comments mean that you have nothing to contribute. I am sure you are capable of more than that. Maybe not.
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  3. ok, inandlong, thank you for admitting you have no even remotely specific exit strategy which renders your line-in-the-sand revelation useless. when you come up with an exit, let us know..
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  4. you are the only "us" sunnyskies. I don't believe I ever said I had an exit. Your contributions are ....

    That's right, nothing. Your thoughts have generated nothing.

    Sounds like you had another losing day sunnyboy. Are you still waiting for someone to teach you how to trade?


    "waaaah waaaah, sombody please show me how to exit a trade. Mommy mommy, inandlong won't show me how to traaaade."

    "There there lil' sunny, stop your whining, momma's here to help. First, let's pull your head out of there, (pop)...there that's better, now let's wipe the doo doo from your face..."

    "But mommy, I'm losing all of my money and no one will help meeeee."

    "Have you tried helping yourself sunnypoo, that's how big boys do it?"

    "Oh, I didn't know that. Thanks mommy. And mommy, can I put my head back up there now, it's nice and warm and safe there?"

    "Sure sunnypoo, but you'll never learn how to trade that way."


    Do you have difficulty making friends sunny... or maybe you are just such a loser that lurking on message boards and crying like a baby is the best you can do. Oh well, soon you will post something worthwhile. Probably sooner than you'll make your first winning trade.

    Good nite sunnypoo. Get some rest. You'll be losing again tomorrow, and I'd hate for you to be cranky.

    :D :D :D
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  5. Sunny provides a useful function. He's a fluff detector. It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it. besides, he got us focused on the real problem which is the exit.

    You and I know this isn't about the perfect system, it's about how systems work. And your system is so simple that all it does is confront you with stark reality, so Sunny's confrontational attitude wasn't out of line.

    If we can come up with a system that even he can follow we are in real trouble. If we can come up with a system that he complains isn't even a system then we are getting there.

    Good trading today inandlong, now we gotta go work for a living.
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  6. Profitseer, thank you for that clarification. I was quite confused before reading your post as to the purpose of 'skies posts. Some people have different ways of motivation. That's what makes this great big world so wonderful.

    I will redouble my efforts, no triple them, in an attempt to satisfy even the most demanding reader.

    Profitseer, I am renewed.

    As always, you are on it.
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  7. Ninja


    LOL... have you ever thought about joining the guild of comic writers?

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  8. toby400


    All one has to do is put sunnyskies on "ignore", and the thread becomes one of constructive thought without the element of destructive (no contribution) carping.

    Guild of comic writers....I love it.

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