New Inandlong Line in the Sand System

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  1. ok we'll try again, here is the original post by inandlong

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    It is that easy. The simplest system I know constructs a horizontal line at the current price and is long above it and short below it. You cannot refute it. Check it out for yourself. Overlay a horizontal line on any chart, any time frame. Is there profit opportunity or not?

    As stated in a previous post, trader discipline is the most confounding element of a trading system. This is why system sellers can sell systems and the performance of the system is not 'diluted'. No matter the rules, two traders will usually not trade the system identically.

    One rule that cannot be broken is...

    You must be in to win!
  2. And then a cheerful rply by the sites Polyanna

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  3. And then the beginnings of a possible exit strategy by aphie (now where that boy get off to?)

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    In accordance to this KISS method, draw another line above or below the first line. This line is your exit.

  4. oh well, I can't find the rest of the stuff, but it is an interesting system. You know there is something wrong with it and there are penty of examples where it would chop you to pieces, but then again, all you have to do is look out your window at where things were and where they are now and ask yourself, of that whole move, how much did you participate?

    And where would I be now if I had just followed inandlongs line in the sand system?
  5. I've only traded this system one time. What's it like? Well, me personally, I have only been through childbirth one time, and I didn't think it was too bad, but a lot of people say it is painful, so I guess I would say getting the trade finally off and running with this sytem is sort of like childbirth for some people.
  6. in and longs line system is similar to my gann channel system. however, my system utilizes tow lines creating a channel-wherein one is flat in the channel--long above and short below. it WORKS !!


  7. typo in previous post tow should read two.

    tao dow
  8. This is from another forum where someone put up the shortest profitable system code. It is on weekly data for the S&P.

    It returned about $500,00 in profit over 10 years trading one contract

    if c>c[1] then sell else buy;

    Just goes to show the simple ideas are often the best

  9. Runningbear I would read that code in Tradestation speak as "if the close is greater than the close of 1 bar ago then sell, else buy. "

    Am I missing a concept here, because that doesn't make sense to me.
  10. redzuk


    Would you reverse the position at the line or use a stop past the line?

    If trading the futures use two accounts, to be long and short at same time. For nq maybe a 3 pt target and a 3 pt stop. When your target is hit switch to a trailing stop.

    Problem is slippage from not taking the 3 pt profit as soon as its hit. Do you scratch that gain for a 1 point profit or let it go to 3 pt loss. Its going to decrease net gains or win percent.

    How would you adjust your line to the time frame your trading. Today for the nq I would have picked 919 level for a line. After the move to 905 do I really want to enter long if 919 is recrossed. On a longer time frame yes, but on the shorter time frame move may be exhausted.
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