New Illuminati

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  1. New Illuminati
    is comprised of government dumbasses with billion dollar budgets and psychiatric Hannibal Lecters who are trying to replicate the anthropological stories and blood lines of the Old Illuminati.

    Due to superior firepower, the New Illuminati will succeed to killing the Old Illuminati. Only exception will be me. The good benevolent king of Illuminati is me. So... I am currently waiting for population to be murdered by government.

    Please note, if you respond to this message, your phone calls, text messages and mail WILL be diverted so as to suck up whatever hot pussy is in your area. I suggest you trust family and friends in age diverse situations and publicly. FYI, there is no sexual metaphor in anything I have ever said.

    good luck trading for digits. money is hot females you idiots. maxim girls? they are all physically dead and buried in watery graves. suck up to the hierarchy guys.

  2. a new life is boooooorn....somehow,i`ll have to make this fiiiiinal breakthrouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh
  3. Samsara