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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Trader01, Jun 16, 2001.

  1. Trader01


    I just noticed today that IB had remodeled their web page. It looks easier to navigate with less clutter. IB has also added a new tutorial.
  2. Babak


    an improvement for sure! thanks for the mention
  3. mgregor


    Now if they would just update their arcane, user
    un-friendly trading platform it would be great!
  4. lol i think the platform is the best going..for daytrading anyways.

    different strokes different folks
  5. tntneo

    tntneo Moderator

    mgregor lol :)
    that was funny. And the old web site sucked big time [and some pages are still the same, well contents at least].
    But I respectfully disagree with you. I like IB JTWS more than some other brokers' soft I used.
    It depends on the style of trading and the person of course.
  6. mgregor


    Their platform is just plain messy and illogical. I like Datek's much better. However, they're commissions are unbeatable.

    It's nothing fatal, but I just don't see why they didn't update their platform first, then the website, which is less important.

    It seems to me that IB has their priorities mixed up.
  7. Agree! Interactive brokers' disgusting TWS software is extremely annoying. obviously made it impossible for traders to place correct orders with ease. The buy/sell button toggles everytime you click it. Same with the price button. And their software is just the tip of the iceberg. Their "live" online help is a joke. Thinking about IB afterhour trading? FORGET IT! You get ridiculously lousy fill. I guess the $1 trades is a sucker bet that get's a lot of newbie traders. I don't think I'll stay long. To be fair, E-trade and suck as bad. Unfortunately, IB is likely no worse than most deep discount online brokers out there. HOPEFULLY they'll AT LEAST flush that corrupt software into the toilet soon where it belongs.
  8. mjt



    I've traded quite a bit with IB after hours. I get fills based on where the market is, so I don't know what problem you're having.
  9. def

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    The platform takes some getting used to but overall feedback has been very positive. Sorry you don't like it, but there is no way to please everybody. Regarding priorities, you are wrong. Programming the web site and programming software are performed and run by a different groups.

    D. Pesigan,
    I don't see how you are having so much trouble. Are you using the hot keys? Even with the mouse if you click on the offer it comes up with a buy line. The only way a buy would toggle to a sell is if you click on the word buy. If you do not like the software that is fine. But I beg to differ when you say it is corrupt. Regarding the $1 as a suckers bet, you are completely off base. The simple reason for the .01 per share fee is that it is fair given IB's cost structure. Why should non-institutional traders pay more than institutions? Finally, what do you expect when you trade after hours when the markets are illiquid. You should be getting the prevailing bid or ask. Maybe you should try routing to a particular ECN. If you are using market orders after hours that could be a problem given the lack of liqidity.
  10. fleance



    I have useability issues with the JTWS software, but I love the tabular user model which allows you to setup multiple orders. The order entry could be streamlined, esp. for people which just trade US stocks. And the position management is horrible compared to other direct access software..

    However, IB's executions are the best I've seen, and I've mades 1000s of trades with ETRADE, NDB, DLJ, CyberCorp, and now IB. Their new BEST_ECN routing works very well using limit orders for NASDAQ stocks. Their BEST execution route sucks, but not as bad as CyberCorp's 'CyberExchange' routing. I can't comment on market orders because I almost never use them..

    Afterhours trading is no different, and if you use limit orders with BEST_ECN route you shouldn't have any problems.

    #10     Jun 19, 2001