New IB version busted

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by stock777, Jun 20, 2005.

  1. Sorry to say, I found two broken items in the latest IB release .

    Market Depth stopped working from Excel, and a hot key I use just plain died. Reverting the the prev version fixed both problems.

    Guys, you have to be more careful with your testing. There's money on the line.
  2. Aaron


    Yep, I noticed the hotkey problem myself and downgraded.

    Aaron Schindler
    Schindler Trading
  3. Anyone know, does 848 fix these problems?
  4. the hot key problem seems to be fixed.
  5. key problems now fixed.

  6. mokwit


    Still having problems with markert depth.

    My patience is wearing very thin with IB.
  7. Market depth still busted? Shoot.

    Anyone else confirm this (DDE market depth failing)?
  8. sammybea


    Hi Aaron, according to the testimonials at Ffasttrade, you said they were the best.

    Why would you be using an "inferior" broker to handle your trades. Were you compensated for making that testimonial? Just to set the record straight, I am a fan of yours and not trying to "call you out." But just seems strange.
  9. sammy, thats pretty agressive in response to a statement that someone downgraded software (sucessfully) in response to a problem. Backing off after moving up to the bleeding edge wouldnt put me off a vendor by itself.

    Personally I'm loving v 843.7. What I am curious about is what features are driving everyone to want to be at the bleeding edge with IB (or most anyones) software?
  10. I am also sticking with 843.7

    Good thing we have these beta testers out there though... :p

    Otherwise, IB would never have any progress... :(
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