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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by kiwi_trader, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. OK. With the recent mandatory upgrade to 906 or above I failed to get a copy of 906.9.

    So I tried 908 ... but didn't like it.

    So I have settled on 907.7 which, at least for me, seems to be working fine.

    If anyone wants it (sorry I failed to see your pms) I have uploaded it to rapidshare:
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    If you tried TWS 908, you must have 908 install. Can you upload 908 also? 907.7 does not work for me with Ninjar trader. thanks
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    i would appreciate, if IB send some free goodies for their loyal customers on Christmas..just send me something...anything..a book(i still remember market microstructure) or a mouse pad..whatever..common fellas..i spend probably some six fucking figures in commissions for 2010! show me some respect! not to mention ridiculous amount of TWS bugs been reported..the time i spend on that shit..oh well...
  5. Bob111


    still enjoying the "creativity" of IB TWS designers, who loves to fuck the things up...i don't want to touch the latest one..i saw the browser version of this piece of's beyond any common sense..
    the minimum allowed version is 906.9..
    when you select multiple tickers in main window and the press RMB-right above delete-there is will be "event calendar". what this feature have to do with add\delete\modify ticker-i have no idea,but i already did clicked on it every other time,when i 'm deleting the tickers from the page..fucking ridiculous...

    moving along..file->exit..right above exit there is another very useful function,placed perfectly at the right fucking missed,when you click on exit -TWS is locked..honestly-it's doesn't matter,what you can place right next to exit button-save,restore-what fucking ever..but just don't place something that would lock the fucking application! is it so hard for those fucked up IB's "designers" to comprehend the fucking common sense of average user or how the common application should work?
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  7. Thanks rsi, gregiii
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    Does anybody have full standalone version of IB TWS before version 917? My 917 is hanging and would like to try older versions.

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