New IB tools for faster trades (reviews)

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  1. I want to start a new thread about the new tools that have been developped to help people trade faster with IB.

    In this thread we will talk and review the following softwares :
    Free software :
    - Emini Trade Management (EliteTrader thread)
    - One Click Trader (OCT) (IB Forum thread)
    - Bracket Trader (IB Forum thread)
    - Robostop (IB Forum thread)

    Non Free software :
    - TradeExecutor (no thread on IB or Elite)
    - Traderguard (no thread on IB or Elite)

    Maybe I forgot some...
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    I'm the author of Bracket Trader. I started this project for my own use ( I think most of the authors do). My trading style is that once a position is filled, I enter a target and a stop as OCA orders. With manual entry in fast market conditions, the price will have moved past the target and retraced backed and probably stopped out by the time I finish entering the orders. Add to that the probability of entering the wrong number or pushing the wrong button. So, my original program just replaces the manual entry, reducing mistakes and increasing speed (fastest trade closed in 15 secs.).

    Special thanks to Scott, owner of the Yahoo twsapi group which got me started from scratch.

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    Thanks pretzel.... :D

    i quickly got into the habit of always entering my stops in to the TWS after a few connectivity etc etc problems, then entered my limit profit target.. so your program does exactly what i need.

    ps anyone else, don't forget to turn on (check) the options in your TWS settings to allow DDE and ActibveX stuff :eek: , took me a while to find that out.

    pps pretzel - could you make the whole interface way way way smaller? thanks again...

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    I am the author of TradeExecutor.

    I developed it for my own needs, to swing trade by placing buy stops above the market, and then when filled, transmitting a stop loss and profit order out together in the same OCA group.

    Its also good to enter a position at market, and then have a protective auto stop transmitted as soon as filled.

    I had it available for 5 weeks at $15 with free upgrades to attract beta users. I have closed the beta program for V1 of TradeExecutor, so the price has increased to $50, with the option of upgrading to the new version later.

    The new version is nearing completion, after taking the specifications from a pro. day trader. It will allow for super fast trading, clicking on the bid/ask will generate up to four orders, with 3 of the orders prices set relative to the fill price of the first!

    Today is the first day it is being used live, so I am pretty excited to hear how well it worked!

    Not sure when it will be available for release, I need to add in user configurable parameters, and probably the ability to do trailing stops, and maybe other trading strategies. Probably 1 - 2 weeks from now. If you buy the current product at $50 now, you will be given the option to upgrade to the new product by paying the price differential.

    I am happy to answer any questions in this forum about TradeExecutor.
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    pretzel, pls post a link to Bracket Trader. Thanks.
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    That's pretty low-rent how on the "Interactive Brokers Auto Stop Program Here" thread you first post a link to your software (no mention that you're the author), then say, "I am using it, it's worth fifty bucks" (again, no mention that you're the author), then you describe the benefits of it (3rd post on that thread, again no mention that you're the author). It took this comment:
    At that point you switched over to this thread to promote your software, of course providing a second link.
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    But I wasn't trying to pull the wool over anyone's eyes. I do use the software, and I think it is worth $50. (Be long one ES contract without a stop and no access to IB before you have a chance to send your stop, $50 will seem like a good deal)

    I didn't find the software reviews thread until later. When I saw pretzel was the author of another program, I brought up my program, thought it would be cool to discuss the pros and cons of different API software approaches.

    I apologize for the other thread, I guess I should have mentioned I am the author, but I didnt' think it would be a big deal.

    At least I didn't just use a different alias :)

    I'll tell you what, as a peace offering, I will give elitetraders free access to my software (V1.00). It is quickly becoming obsolete. If you like it, then you pay for the next version, if you want the advanced daytrading features.

    Email me at if you want the program. Put elitetrader in the subject line.

    Sorry everyone. And thanks to all in the past that have helped me.
  9. Obsolete! Sounds GREAT! Where do I sign up???????????????????????

    If you like it, then you pay for the next version, if you want the advanced daytrading features.[/QUOTE]

    Why don't I just send you a bunch of money, and we call it even??
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