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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by airspeed, Oct 19, 2001.

  1. I just downloaded the latest IB Trader Wk'stn. When I highlight a stock, the highlight almost completely washes out the numbers on that line.

    Can anyone help me on there a setting for this? I sure can't find one.

    Many thanks!!
  2. tntneo

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    probably you don't have enough colors on your video card, or display problem.

    anyway, you can change the color scheme with this version (cool).
    select menu 'page' then 'layout'.
    you can change colors for the selected line

  3. cranked the colors to 24 bit, checked the page layout but I'm not seeing what you do. There seems to be no selection for that too bright highlight.

    What am I missing here?

  4. tntneo

    tntneo Moderator

    sorry, the 'selected line' works only for orders.

    I see better maybe because I use bold font (arial bold size 12).. so even selected I can read.

  5. But thanks anyway.

    What I've done, until I can really delve into it, is make the background color a light gray and used, as you suggested, arial black.

    Again, thanks!
  6. flier


    IB's last version of their software 731 f now has a highlighted order line, which is causing the color problem in the buy, sell, cancle, live, and connection color boxes. This is a change they made and is no good- need to go back to the previous color layout. Clicking on buy or sell give a washed out color in the dropdown order line- hard to descern. I emailed IB to complain. I call it a bug. Contact IB, by phone and email, and maybe we can get this reversed. , and attn: java/tech tws bug 731f.
    Tech support has said they have had many complaints about this.
    I went back to a old version.

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