New IB Home Page - Nicely Done

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Tech Analysis, Apr 29, 2003.

  1. :)
  2. Catoosa


    The new page made a bad impression with me.
  3. Momento


    much more professional than the old one that's for sure
  4. Anyone know what this popup message means:
    "Rejected. Check sum does not match. Data might be corrupt".

    Can't even get the data - everythings blank where data s/be.

    Is this a superficial change, what different features are there.

    If it ain't broke...
  5. CalTrader

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    Ah yes ..... The generic smiling business people pictures. You do need this in your online branding image right ? ... Because we all need to know that everybodys "happy" and the world is wonderful .... I'm not sure which pony tailed techie/advertising person came up with this but it seems that everyone now believes that they need to have this generic look to be successful.

    No offense IB, but you would be better just concentrating on the brand message rather than trying to "genericise" your brand look and feel. IB was/is successful precisely because of its product offerings ... IMHO the new look and feel simply muddles the online brand since you now look like everyone else ....
  6. nitro


    I half agree, hmm, maybe 75% agree with what you are saying about the look and feel. However, I think the site is "simpler" and more navigable now with the pop down menus across the top.

    I have not browsed it much, but I hope they got rid of the frames version.

  7. def

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    the idea was to make navigation easier and also point various parties to the appropriate place to find info for their respective account type. like all web sites, it will be an ongoing project. (Note: I've had little if any impact on the site other than making a few comments while it was in beta).
  8. I like the new interface for the navigation of IB, more easier to obtain information.

    Also, I would like to report a strange bug that I have found on IB Canada but not on the main API. When you attempt to request API Release Notes, a popup error message is given on IB Canada website (no problem with the central IB website). The message seem to related to java code because it ask «A Error Runtime has occured, do you wish to debug» if you reply Yes you can see java code. This strange error is only available on the canadian website when you move the mouse on this web page.
  9. I demand that the main page of any stock-related site that I use have a photo of a guy with his sleeves rolled up and his arms stretched toward the ceiling in a V pattern.
  10. Catoosa


    The small text size of the pop down menus across the top of the page gives me eye strain.

    The page color does not mater to me but it sure is drab.
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