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Discussion in 'Events' started by def, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. def

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    There is a new IB beta available with some great new features that should move into production shortly. Among the most noteworthy:

    Alert enhancements: you can set an alert to send an email, beep, send an order, etc.

    Interactive Analytics: a VAR (value at risk) analysis is available

    Multiple orders: you can now transmit multiple orders with one click

    there are also FA enhancements, additional ways to calculate order quantity and additional market scanner parameters.

    For full details see:
  2. MR.NBBO


    Sounds outstanding Def, but we'd all love to have the old stuff fixed properly before continuing to build.

    Stability & reliability of the TWS platform is ultimately paramount.
    I've been working for weeks with IB on current problems. 1 outta 7+ fixed.

    The innovations are great....but we've gotta have the old stuff work too.
  3. TGM


    Hey Def,

    I filled out a trouble ticket. I am on the Ny server (eastern time). Hong kong server is consistently dropping off. You guys having problems? My market data light is orange all day from this.
  4. mokwit


    I second that. TWS/IB has some good features but too many problems are remaining unfixed.

    It is difficult to trade without market depth - I understand this affects 20% of clients. Can you either fix it or tell me how I can change to being in the other 80%. You might find that my tailing off of activity with IB is directly related to poor reliability.

    I maintain my IB account at above PDT levels but having watched TWS blow through stops I find myself closing out positions rather than holding them overnight and don't trade stocks through you - you are for intraday dicking around where I can be there to monitor the trades.

    Yesterday I manged to count to 10 after already noting that a market order was taking a long time to fill.

    Once again IB are doing a great job in many areas and TWS has some excellent features such as hotkey facility but this unreliability issue has got completely out of hand. I can't deny that I find the backfill feature very welcome. If you trade other than main US EUR exchanges you do not have a plethora of data vendors to choose from.

    PS Can I suggest that individual alerts can be set to trigger different .wav files.

    PPS. The above posts indicate that your customers are sending you some loud and clear signals
  5. IBsoft

    IBsoft Interactive Brokers

    I will review the list of your issues tomorrow. I think we have kept you abreast on where we are and what the issues were - at least one of which was ARCA problem. I hope we did better than 1 out 7+, maybe we have not communicated all that was done.
  6. IBsoft

    IBsoft Interactive Brokers

    Could you please PM me some clarifications:
    - The market depth of what symbol does not work? (If it is IDEALPRO, you have to be on the new tick-distribution system).
    - I need to know the particulars of the market order that took 10 seconds to execute.
    - What STOPS were "blown" through?
    Thank you.
  7. MR.NBBO


    ARCA quotes are fixed. Thank you.

    The ARCA modify problem (which is ARCA's problem)-remains as of yet. I'd venture only pressure from a B/D (IB) will keep them fixing things---so I appreciate your help there.

    The rest of the IB issues are pending. If they've been fixed...I haven't seen it & I won't upgrade to beta anytime soon to see those changes. I've been told a fix for my connection has been done, but no fix there either.
  8. Bob111


    i ask long time ago for alert,that can stay not for time TWS was open ,but for days or weeks.
    is there any way to implement it?
    really simple task. or allow us to retrieve data for bonds or place gtc order for bonds
  9. HooLee


    Talking about the alert on TWS, I think

    1. We need to have the option to indicate an alert is working in RTH, ETH or both;

    2. When a ticker gets deleted, its alerts should be removed too. Currently, the alerts stay alive and can be triggered. To stop it, you will have to re-enter the ticker. If you don't recall what ticker had been used, it couldl ring you bell all day long!
  10. himself


    I get that also.
    What does it mean?
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