New HTTP wrapper to TWS API now available in AutoTrader 1.18b

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by autotrader, Oct 10, 2003.

  1. AutoTrader 1.18b is now available.

    If you tried to program using the TWS API, but encountered too many obstacles, now there is an alternative to TWS API. You can submit TWS API commands such as reqMktData, cancelMktData, placeOrder, etc using Http protocol.

    The command looks like this (You can try it from any browser):

    Get AutoTrader 1.18b and open the file AT2TWS_Demo.htm in a browser to read more about this feature and try out the new interface.

    Commands such as placeOrder can be made passhtru, that is, AutoTrader will not do anything to the order except pass it through to TWS. Or you can place the order through AutoTrader and AutoTrader will take over position management once the order is filled. So you can write your program for trading signals, place the order automatically to TWS using this http interface, and let AutoTrader manage the position for you.