new highs

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  1. aapl at all time high
    rmbs up 20%
    rimm up 5%
    gapping up all over the place
    this is 2000 all over again

    fed comments this morning were basically saying inflation is a threat

    simply amazing

    how many people think this is start of a new bull with no retracement this year?
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    rimm has been non stop since earnings day where it dipped briefly to 80 a share....

    AAPL up on CRAMERS hype last night, saying the zune has no chance against the ipod........

    simply amazing is true.
  3. market can go up all it wants.....

    what I don't get is the lack of any downside!! none!!

    even in 1999 we had huge gap downs and -2% down days all over the place..

    no there is simply no risk
  4. S2007S


    thats the thing, there seems to be 0 risk in this market by the dips and make money seems to be it....look at the ^VIX
  5. How can their even be talk of rate cuts when the market is making new highs. What gives in this crazy US.
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    market changes all the time, volatility just lower these days, great for investors I guess.
  7. So why is RMBS up 30% today? I did not see any news. :confused:
  8. Chip Group Sees 2006 Sales Up 9.4 Pct.

    Thursday November 16, 8:51 am ET

    Semiconductor Group Sees Industry Sales Up 9.4 Pct. in 2006, 9 Pct. on Average Through '09

    SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) -- The Semiconductor Industry Association said Thursday strong demand from consumers for electronic products will drive up chip sales over the next three years at an annual average rate of 9 percent.

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    SIA, which represents 95 domestic chipmakers, or more than 85 percent of semiconductor production in the U.S., said it sees 2006 chip sales up 9.4 percent in 2006, to $248.8 billion from $227.5 billion.

    Sales are projected to climb 10 percent to $273.8 billion in 2007, 10.8 percent to $303.4 billion in 2008, and 5.8 percent to $321 billion in 2009.

    "Traditional consumer electronics products, such as digital cameras, digital televisions, and MP3 player players, now account for nearly 20 percent of all semiconductor consumption," said SIA President George Scalise. "The newest, most advanced consumer electronics products tend to have high semiconductor content. Consumers are also the principal buyers of cell phones which drive another 20 percent of semiconductor sales. "

    In total, consumers account for more than half of all semiconductor consumption.

    Maybe this had something to do with it?
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    I think we're due for a down day... I'm hoping it's tomorrow.

    Most people have closed their Oct option positions by now, and the bears probably accounted for the last 2 days up.
  10. Actually.. here's something Rambus shares soar on speculation of favorable FTC ruling
    Marketwatch - November 16, 2006 2:31 PM ET

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    Symbol Last Chg
    RMBS Trade 21.72 +5.07
    Real time quote.

    SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- Rambus Inc. shares rose as much as 25% Thursday after several Wall Street analysts speculated that the maker of memory-chip technology will receive a favorable ruling in a patent dispute before the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.

    Rambus (RMBS), whose shares often see large one-day moves related to the company's many legal proceedings, rose as high as $20.95. Trading volume was three times the stock's daily average.

    Based on questions posed by FTC commissioners at a hearing Wednesday, any penalties imposed upon Rambus for past anti-competitive practices won't impact two types of memory-chip technology that the company licenses to other chipmakers, according to a note sent to clients by Jeff Schreiner, an analyst with American Technology Research.

    The analyst, who has a buy rating on the shares, raised his price target on Rambus to $32 from $28. A ruling from the FTC should come within 45 to 60 days, according to Schreiner.

    The FTC on Aug. 2 ruled that Rambus engaged in anti-competitive behavior and the commission is now deciding what penalties the company should pay. The FTC said then that Rambus engaged in deceptive conduct related to its dealings with a standards-setting body for computer-memory technology.

    Rambus shares rose 18% on Aug. 23, when a federal judge overseeing a lawsuit filed by Rambus against Hynix Semiconductor suspended the case until the FTC makes a ruling on what royalty rate should apply to certain technologies that Rambus licenses to Hynix, or until Feb. 2, whichever comes first.

    The judge in that case had previously ruled that a $307 million damage award to Rambus was excessive and had granted Hynix's request for a new trial if Rambus didn't accept a lower amount. Rambus later accepted an award of $133.6 million for some of its claims but reserved the right to pursue prior interest and damages that occurred after Dec. 31, 2005.

    Rambus has delayed filing full financial results for its latest reporting period amid a probe into past accounting for employee stock option grants. The probe prompted the company's former chief financial officer to resign from the Rambus board.
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