New Highs for "S2007S"!!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Landis82, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. He posted 23 times in the first hour of trading today . . . Simply amazing!

    Like a deer "caught in headlights" he once again criticized where the market opened, and how everything was a "joke".

  2. you just can never predict what the market does at the open,its such a toss up. i gave up on that years ago.
  3. The other times of unpredictability are middle and late morning, early afternoon, the "pre-close" hours (1pm to 3:55pm), and the close itself.
  4. at least at those times you can employ some sort of stop. at the open,things happen so fast that stops are useless.
  5. ssblack


    How did I know it was Landis when I saw the thread title... :D
  6. wake37


    landis82 is just as annoying. how old are you i assume 26
  7. This kid is slowing down now.
    He's only posted 22 times in the second hour of trading, well off of his earlier pace in the first hour!

  8. You have posted as many times as him, you dumb f*ck. Do you trade?:D
  9. Yes.
    That is why my average daily post count is a mere 2.66

  10. How many posts do you have today? 30?
    How many by the end of today? 50? :D
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