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    I am looking for a filter that will show me new highs and lows in real time...a streaming format. Had it for three years but have switched brokers and it is not available here....have talked to qcharts, esignal, dice. Anyone know a piece of software that can give me this relatively simple information??

    Thanks much.
  2. Here is what you want and just the highs and lows are free. Click on link and it will stream.
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    Thanks for the post but that is not what I am looking for at all...

    I am looking for a stand alone software package that continously streams new highs and lows in the Nasdaq. Filterable by volume, price, change, market, etc.

    I am also looking for any site of program that can show me the top rangers in the market in real time.

    Thanks again
  4. That is exactly what you can do. If you want to add filters you have have a subscription. For just highs and lows you can use the free stuff. Maybe give an example where you have used it before just so we are on the same page. Maybe I am confused.
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    Interesting, looking at it again, their are many configurable options. I will try it out again on monday. But for starters, it is web based, and not streaming. It is a refreashing page. I'll play around with it on monday and see if i can get close to what i am looking for. thanks.
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    Diamondtrim gave u the best link u can get. Use it wisely.
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    It is real-time streaming.
  9. Get Medved QuoteTracker. Be sure to read the help when setting it up. QT has Trade-Ideas in it and TI will stream the stock symbols into the QT portfolio that you select. In QT you can select the data columns that you mentioned. Also select the mini inline charts to see the chart patterns that interest you. Set the font size above twenty for a bigger inline chart. Turn off the sort function to have the stock symbols enter the portfolio at the top.
    If QT doesn't support your broker's data feed, the QT website lists other choices. Be sure to select a data feed that supports unlimited symbols. TI new highs alert will stream several hundred symbols into the portfolio. Adjust the volume criteria upward to reduce the number of symbols going into the QT portfolio. You can also get new highs above the previous day's range only, to also reduce the number of TI alerts going into the QT portfolio.
    TI is a seperate subscription.
    You can also place the Nasdaq 100 stocks in a QT portfolio and column sort by day range percent, with 100% at the top. All stocks doing 100% of day range are doing new highs.
    I use the first option.
  10. Nice set-up. How long have you used this approach? I can only assume you are pleased with the results...
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