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  1. I am trying to get a chart of 52 week new highs and lows. I have access to e-signal and tc2000. In tc2000 I have found couple of high/low ratios but no chart of just purely new highs or new lows.
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  3. I want a chart which plots the new 52 week highs every day. So for example today there were 132 new highs in NYSE. So todays entry would be 132 (data from breifing). Same with the lows.
    I could do this by putting this in excel everyday and plotting
    it but that is a pain.
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  5. has it.
  6. I'm interested to know if any sites having charts of new highs/lows for Forex? :confused:
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    turn out you can chart any of them in qchart
  8. thanks nkhoi,

    lots of good reading stuff here... and, i've got more time
    to read now.

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