New High New Low Data?

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    Does anyone knows where I can get daily and weekly New High and New Low data over several years?
  2. If you are looking to scan for new highs, there are several products including CSI's Market Scanner which comes with their Unfair Advantage product. With a little configuration, you can see which stocks/futures are at or near their weekly/monthly/yearly highs.

    Is that what you meant?
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    Hi, no, I am not using it to scan. I need the data to construct a chart with me. I need the data to be free. Not looking for paid products.
  4. Are you drawing the chart by hand? With your own code?

    There are a few fairly poor stock scanning / charting programs on which scrap data from Yahoo. You could look there.
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    I just wanted to plot the New High-New Low chart on daily and weekly basis. If there is a symbol to chart that, that will be great, if not....I guess manual plot is the only alternative?
  6. the last time I looked stockcharts had the daily 52 week highs. Use this data and stock charts to see if these highs are all time highs or not.
  7. sorry I meant bigcharts for all time highs.
  8. Download NinjaTrader ( and set up a connection to Yahoo for your daily data.

    Both are free for what you are trying to do.
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    Hi, I just installed Ninjatrader but...what is the symbol to get the new high-new low?
  10. There is no symbol. You have to find the high and low using the min/max functions and the functions for day of week.
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