New Hi- New Low

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Avalanche, Jun 26, 2002.

  1. Can someone recommend a basic screener or ticker for new highs and new lows in real time. Web based or whatever...I need something.

    I don't have my regular DAT platform today and without a new high/new low ticker for all the stocks I can't get a good feel for what stocks are know making highs and lows. :p

    Feeling like I can see the trees but not the Forest or something like that. INTC goes to highs, but I have to read about in a chat room because I'm not watching it seperately.

    How can traders trade without knowing what stocks are on highs and lows. I mean I know how...but why would anyone want to?

    if someone here trades with Datek or something and uses a seperate program to see highs and lows please post. I feel like I am trading Blind even though I have all the index's up.

  2. AT Attitude would seem to do the job....anyone have comments on them?

  3. nkhoi


  4. insight/whisper if you can get it is, imho, the best....(it's more than basic).