New hardware interface for scalpers

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by GTS, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. GTS


    OCZ NIA Brain-Computer Interface

    Designed for gamers but perhaps this would have some use for scalpers.

    I found this quote interesting:

    "The difference in reaction time between a finger twitch and a twitch of an eyebrow is great enough that unless you are already a very high level twitch-FPS player, you will probably see an immediate improvement in reaction time using the NIA over a mouse for the trigger. "

    Sounds like it takes a lot of practice/training to become really proficient with it though.
  2. bespoke


    Nice, I like it. But I need lots of hot keys to trade.

    I know you guys may laugh, but I spend about an hour a day playing fast paced counter-strike games (FPS) to keep my reaction times high. At least that's how I rationalize playing video games everyday at my age.... But seriously, it keeps me very fast. And once StarCraft2 comes out, I'll be trading at ninja like speeds.
  3. Looking forward to experience from the first scalpers...
  4. kinar


    The only specs I found says it doesn't yet support 64bit OS.

    Unfortunately, that will keep me from buying