New Hampshire Predictions

Discussion in 'Politics' started by skippyupwood, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. Anyone want to predict the vote shares/order of the candidates in today's NH primary?
  2. I will.

    McCain 30%
    Romney 29%
    Huckabee 14%
    Paul 12%
    Guliani 10%
    Thompson 5%

    Obama 41%
    Hillary 32%
    Edwards 21%
    Richardson 6%
  3. I don't think Clinton gets over 30%.
  4. So far it looks like she's gonna get 40%!!! Who woulda thought. Doesn't look like the independents came through for Obama. Seems many of them stayed with McCain.
  5. Well I kinda missed the Dem side. Pretty close on the GOP side though.

    Their performance relative to my predictions:

    McCain +7%
    Romney +3%
    Huckabee -3%
    Paul -4%
    Guliani +1%
    Thompson -4%

    Clinton +7%
    Obama -4%
    Edwards -4%
    Richardson -1%

    I think the deciding factor were the independents who stayed with McCain when I expected them to go with Obama. helped McCain a bit, and really hurt Obama.