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  1. Was given this site as a recomendation. I hope to learn qlot from this site as well. My questions for the masses would be this:

    What books would you recomend for a novice such as myself? The only basic knowledge i have of trading is what i learned in HS 7 years ago and what small bits i have picked up through everyday life. I have seen the book list on the site but alot of the comments and books look a bit dated (2001).
  2. Some of the better books I've read on trading are dated before 2001 so date of publication isn't a very good way to rate a book when it comes to trading.

  3. About book dates. I would say stay away from any of the "Daytrade Your Way to Financial Freedom" type books that are pre-2002. Different market, different techniques.

    The more or less classic books on tech analysis, market structure, trading methodolgy or "market wizard" type books tend not to be as time sensitive.

    Two decent books to begin with are the Alex Elder book and the Market Wizrd series. Books by guys such as Tony Oz and Jeff Cooper, plus Willian O'Neill's book you get through Investors Daily are good for stock trading. The Joe Ross books are overpriced but have some substance.
  4. hi,

    i reccomend to you :

    1. winner take all---gallacher

    2. education of a speculator--- niederhoffer

    3. market wizards 1 and 2--schwager

    best wishes in your quest !


  5. dated? :p

    that is funny...

    so do you think people, and market psychology.... change in a few years.... ??! maybe, but I'd say the more the makets change the more they stay the same. Essentially.

    Good luck...


    p.s. look at Reminiscences of a Stock Operator... LeFevre (original publ. 1923!). If anyone tells you it is not relevant... tune them out. It is IMHO!



    Market Wizards (both) by Schwager, Elder's Trading For a Living and Mark Douglas' Trading In the Zone.
  7. Edwards and Magee: Technical Analysis of the Stock Market
  8. Hard to recommend a book like this...

    so here's a Q:

    Do you trade?

    Have you traded?
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