New Guy trying to make it.

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Rahtek, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. Rahtek


    Hello to everyone.
    Im new to site and the whole Trading makert. Im pretty young 16 to be exact and trilled by the basic consep of Stock Trades. I have zero experience and currently stock less. I was hoping to get some tips book names,software,calculators anything to get me on my way. Any help is welcome thank you.
  2. Look up author Mark Douglas and read.
  3. Go to a casino poker table, play $1, $2 no limit with 50 bucks and see how long you last. Thats the best trading lesson you can get for 50 bucks.
  4. 1. Find uptrend
    2. Buy dip
    3. Sell when trend ends.
  5. Poha84


    Not bad actually. It could be an important lesson.

    Rahtek: Read all forums you can find. And read between the lines. Do not believe everything. 70-80% is pure shit. The rest can maybe be something.
  6. dac8555


    merket wizards 1 and 2 got me hooked. autor is jack schwagger. read them 10 times each and have a highlighter in hand!
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    i am a moron....MARKET not merket! i am typing on my laptop...little buttons.
  8. Rahtek


    Thanks for the replies guys ill start reading as soon as finals are over I have so much on my hands right now. Most of the test will determine if i get an A or B so im trying to As them. Ill get back to guys when they are over.
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