New Globex pricing for North America as of April 19th 2004

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by tradepro, Feb 23, 2004.

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    As of April19th, we all should see fees which are in the high $1.00 and low $2.00 range if you trade commodities, E-minis, interest rates and foreign exchange products actively.

    Proprietary Trading Groups and Arcades will only pay 0.44 cents per side.

    Please post news as you get it. This will make trading more acitve (attractive) for a lot of us.

    Seems Eurex is on the horizon?
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    I have received the following reply from the CME:

    Electronic Corporate Membership Program (ECMP)

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    Response (Membership) 02/24/2004 08:12 AM
    Thank you for your inquiry. At this time there is no additional information. There should be information available next month on our website. This program is scheduled for mid April.