"New! Get FREE breakthrough broadband with Google TiSP"

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  1. I already own it. Sign up yeasterdy. And it was delivered to my door in the morning

    Installation is easy and speed awesome.
    Highly recommend to everyone
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    Is that supposed to be some April fool's day joke?
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  5. This is really exciting. I can understand how they couldn't keep a lid on it any more, and of course no more bottlenecks in throughput.
  6. Gives new meaning to the terms "floating point units" and "core dumps".
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    Hopefully, one is not expected to work in a truly "paperless office" environment!
  8. Google forgot to mention about the issues they are having with TiSP downunder.

    The clockwise toilet flush due to the earths rotational Coriolis Effect is causing "data packet" backups that are suddenly released on the users without warning. Very messy...


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    Shares issued and outstanding?

    and in the FLOAT?
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